Do you want to start a webshop, but don't know yet which products you want to sell? Some are creative themselves, and make their own products. However, you can also choose to purchase products in an accessible way from a digital purchasing platform. But how do you ensure that your purchased assortment is then displayed as optimized as possible on your webshop? In this blog, Orderchamp partner CCV Shop is providing you with 4 useful tips!

Tip 1: Provide a logical structure & navigation

You want visitors of your webshop to be able to easily find the products they are looking for. This requires a logical division of your website. Make sure you have a division into main categories, which you then divide into subcategories. Do you sell articles in the garden & plants category on your webshop? Then you can choose 'garden & plants' as the main category, and hang 'garden decoration', 'plants', 'pots' and 'dried flowers' as subcategories below. Footnote: Keep in mind that when you create subcategories, there are not just one or two products in this subcategory. That would make creating subcategories unnecessary and it will only cause confusion for your visitors.

First things first

In addition, take the order of the categories that you add to your webshop into account. Make sure that the most important category is shown at the top or at least prominently on your webshop. For example, when you sell jewelry & accessories, do not place 'Jewelry boxes' above 'Earrings', but make sure that 'Earrings' are at the top. Speaking of which: the top part of a website or webshop, draws no less than 80% of a visitor's attention when they land on your webshop. It is therefore smart to place your top products here. 

Tip 2: Don't underestimate the importance of product photos and product descriptions

You are not there yet with just a logical webshop structure. At least as important, if not more important, is the way you deal with product photos and product descriptions. Clear and relevant product information is an important factor for a good online experience. A good product page contains detailed and clear product descriptions, qualitative images from different angles, accurate dimensions and an up-to-date stock indicator. Have you received a description of your wholesaler? Do not copy it straight away, but rewrite and add details that are important to your visitors. Is a product sustainable? Please mention it. Does the material of the product matter? Let your visitor know. In this way you ensure unique texts, which is also positive for your search engine optimization. Try to imagine what information they want and need to read about the product, and you'r content will be great! 

Always keep in mind that product descriptions should complement your product pages by selling your products to real people, rather than just making a positive contribution to search engine rankings.

The perfect picture

Regarding product photos, always ensure consistency. For example, always opt for product photos with a transparent background instead of alternating them with a colored background. This way you prevent your webshop from looking cluttered. All product photo's must be of high quality. It is also a good idea to show a product from different angles, in this way, the visitor doesn't miss the experience as in a physical store. Have you received product photo's of the brands that you purchase your products from? Try to take additional photos of the product yourself to ensure a distinctive character. 

Tip 3: Value content

Perhaps the relationship between content and optimizing your webshop seems to be far away. Yet that is not the case. A product description also falls under the heading of 'content' and therefore makes a positive contribution on your website. But other forms of content such as blogs or an FAQ also make a positive contribution to your webshop. Blogging, for example, provides more traffic to your webshop because it is good for SEO. But blogging not only helps to increase the online visibility of your shop, it is also the perfect place to share stories, connect with your customers, and build trust and loyalty. 

Discover the writer in you

Blogs are ideal to share a personal story about your webshop, such as what inspired you to start your webshop or why certain products should not be missing from the collection of your customers. It works as direct contact with your customers to build trust and ensure customer loyalty. See it as a personal touch. By blogging regularly, your webshop and assortment will remain on the top of your customers mind. 

Tip 4: make it easy for your customer and yourself

You may recognize it yourself: You are about to buy a product online, and just before the checkout process you are smartly pointed to an additional product. You also add this product to your shopping cart and pay. As an online shopper, you are immediately provided with a protective spray with the pair of shoes you wanted to buy, super handy.


This technique is also called cross-selling. The additional products that are shown match perfectly with the product that the customer is viewing. This can ultimately make the difference and make the original product seen as even more attractive. But it is also a good move for you as an online retailer, because in this way you ensure higher order values and therefore more turnover. 

No filter?

Other smart tools that you can use to make life easier for your customer and yourself are tools such as 'Product Features'. With this tool you can create product properties yourself and assign them to a product, so that the customer can filter your website. Because the customer can find specific information about the product, you as a web retailer avoid product questions and remove any doubts. For example, do you sell lamps? Then you can assign product properties such as the type of fitting, type of switch and cord length to each lamp. This makes it even easier for the customer to find his way through your range, and there is no need for him to visit a competitor's webshop. 

Crazy about discounts

Last but not least: have you ever heard of product bundles? With this tool you can combine certain products with other products as one offer. Suppose someone wants to buy a hanging lamp in your webshop for € 50. He will then have the opportunity to opt for a bundle offer in which he receives a set of LED lamps in addition to the lamp and pays a total of € 55. If he had bought these LED lamps separately, he would have payed a total of € 60. This way, your customer is more likely to buy extra products because he saves money. Of course you have to check carefully that your margins are not at stake, but if this is not the case: we advise you to do it!

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