Meet owner Tamara van Atelier Olala

Add a little confetti to each day”- that is the motto of Tamara, owner of Atelier Olala from Bonheiden, Belgium. For this Meet the Retailer edition we interviewed Tamara about her beautiful interior and gift shop. Her shop is an Orderchamp favorite and a local favorite, but what makes the concept store so special? In this blog you can read more about the unique concept, Tamara's favorite Orderchamp brands and get a sneak peak into their future!

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What do you find important when purchasing products for Atelier Olala?

“When purchasing products, I pay particular attention to the sustainable background. I like to look for brands with products that are not in every store. I also like to surprise my customers regularly with a new range! So there is always something exciting to discover. ”

How do you discover new brands?

I like to browse Instagram. And of course via Orderchamp! The platform is easy to use and the range of brands is very satisfactory. The built-in chat function makes it possible to contact the brand owner directly, I really like this personal touch. The brands have their stock systems in order and the products are always delivered quickly. Brands that I like on Orderchamp include Geurwolkje, but one day I thought,, MEERgroothandel, PINK PEACH and By Studio Steef.”

What makes Atelier Olala special?

“We want to make life more beautiful and like to do this in a personal way. That is why we continue to make bouquets and various flower installations ourselves. Every week bouquets are made with surprising flower combinations, which are completely in line with the season! This, of course, in combination with the concept store. A unique story, making your home a unique place. In addition, we are happy to help our customer with interior styling by making mood boards and giving them personal shopping advice! ”

Why did you start Atelier Olala?

For years I had a beauty salon and I did this with heart and soul. But after 13 years I missed the creative interior, a passion. Then I sat at home for a while, and everything was put on hold by the death of our daughter Lola. This made me think about the future. It was now or never ... And the idea of offering workshops soon came. Not much later also the idea for interior styling for parties and events. And shortly afterwards we opened a small pop up! We then named it after our daughter Lola. Hence the name Atelier Olala! ”

Do you have a tip that you would like to give to entrepreneurs?

Follow your heart and don't compare yourself too much with others. Start small but still dare! Keep dreaming because where the dream ends, people stop. And especially: Add a Little confetti to each day! Enjoyment is the common thread in everything I do; enjoy my work and enjoy making people happy! ”

You are moving to a new location in mid-December, why this choice?

“We have had a relocation year. From our first pop-up in Mechelen we moved to a new large building also in Mechelen (just opened before the lockdown on 31/10). We normally opened our pop-up in Bonheiden on April 3, 2020, but the lockdown put a stop to this (we only opened in mid-May). This is also a temporary building, so we will also move to a new store in Bonheiden on 15/12. And there are plans for a summer pop-up… where is another secret ;-). In short: a lot of nice, positive things are waiting for us and our customers! ”

Are you a brand and would you like to see your products at Atelier Olala? Start doing business and get to know Tamara by simply sending a message via our chat function!

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