Get to know the coolest gift and furniture store in Apeldoorn

In the beautiful center of Apeldoorn you will find concept store Lab02 with fun and affordable home decorations, jewelry and gifts. The store is a real local favorite and many customers come to Lab02 for the experience. The range changes weekly and there are always new corners and products to discover, completely according to the latest trends! Curious how owner Femke has made the furniture store such a great success, what her motivation is and what her plans are for the future? In this blog you can read the Q&A with our retailer Lab02!

Dried flowers, candles and posters

Home decorations, pillows and wall ornaments

How did Lab02 start?

“After being in the corporate world for a long time, I wanted to start my own business after my second child. When people came to visit us we often got asked if our house was a showroom or if we lived there ourselves. This is due to my passion for interior. Then I started looking for buildings for Lab02 and I came across this beautiful building in Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn does not have many shops as such. At first I was a bit shocked by the 700m2 and how I could furnish this space as cozy as possible and fill it with nice brands. Then I started writing a plan. It really started as a concept for renting out cupboard space to brands, like Orderchamp, haha! I have added a large part of my own brand to this. The store is now very own and unique and I collect products from everywhere so that it is a store like no other! In our spacious home deco store we now work with more than 100 different brands. ”

Owner Femke in the shop

The 700m2 retail space

Where do you pay attention to when organizing your store?

“I think it is very important that the store has one appearance and that a visit to Lab02 is an experience. I add brands that match the store. Sales are going well, so we can redecorate the store very often with new products. We therefore change the complete layout and move items weekly, in order to surprise our customer every time they visit. They return every week because they are curious about what has been added to the range now. This gives a completely different experience every week. Every visit means new corners and new products to discover. ” 

What is important to you as an entrepreneur?

“A lab is actually about creating things and I always want to keep developing and get the best out of myself and the store. Lab has really become a household name. Customers now say: "I'm going to visit the Lab", I really like that. That's how it should be! In addition, I think it is important to come home as a happy mother who is supportive towards her concept. ”

Furniture and vases

Mouth masks with prints

What else do you think is important for your customers?

“I want people to come to Lab02 because they enjoy being there and then sales will come naturally. I think the personal aspect is more important than the final sale. Contact with people, that's what makes me really happy! Our customers are always offered a free cup of coffee, beer or something else. Whether you are a child, grandfather or grandmother, everyone is welcome at Lab02. The children can also come and play in our play corner. ”

How did you end up at Orderchamp?

“Via Instagram I noticed that a number of beautiful brands that were in my store started selling B2B through Orderchamp. So I thought I would like to start buying from you! The platform works very well. I like that you have everything under one roof, and the brands sell surprising products that they make themselves and that I would not have discovered without Orderchamp. What I also like is paying afterwards. It gives you a lot of leeway as an entrepreneur to test whether products work as you hoped. In any case, I love to browse online to see what is going on in the market, and you can see that in all categories on Orderchamp quite quickly. I keep discovering new things, I like that. The low minimum order values do trigger me to try new things. Ordering is also smooth. Delivery time is fast and the brands' stock systems are in good order. A good stock system is so important. I need it and you prevent problems that I sometimes experience when I do business with brands outside of Orderchamp. ”

Bohemian wall dishes and ornaments

What are your plans for Lab02 for the future?

“I have plans every day and sometimes I have to hold myself back a bit, haha! I am very excited. In a few months we will expand the store with 200 m2 extra floor space. And we will also expand our range considerably. We are going to collaborate with a trendy children's store with accessories and toys. They will becoma a part of the lab. 20% of the collection will soon be for Kids. We connect iwith them n terms of target group and try to strengthen each other. There will also be a catering opportunity, so that women can snoop around while the men drink a beer. And there is a children's hairdresser on Sunday. Again to enhance that experience. People should feel at home. I want my store to be an extension of home. And being at home requires a bit of hospitality. ” 

Earth tones and natural elements

Serving boards

Do you have any tips or advice for other entrepreneurs?

Let yourself be guided by your own feelings. I only do business based of feelings. From determining the range to hiring staff - I do everything by feeling, not on the basis of certain statistics or qualifications. And also; don't be too careful! Sometimes you have to take risks to move forward. Sometimes you step back and then go forward again 300%! It is an illusion to think that you can always do it right - you simply cannot - that you feel you are not doing things right does not depend on how successful your store is. Learning to say no is also important. Listen to yourself and don't be afraid to disappoint others. What you support is what you radiate and everyone feels that. " 

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