Discover 8 brands with must-haves for the winter months

The cold winter months are coming, which means that skin care could use an upgrade. Help your customer with taking the best care of his or her skin. In this blog we have listed brands with the best skin care for the winter season. And especially for the holidays, you will also discover a number of beautiful brands with makeup products that your customer can use to create a beautiful look during Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year! Be inspired and read on.

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1. Blancreme Paris

The real must have for christmas is the limited edition advent calendar by the brand Blancreme Paris. This is the ideal gift for her. The Advent calendar contains 24 different surprises that can be discovered one by one.

In addition, the French brand sells even more colorful and stylish gift sets with care products. For the winter we recommend the Honey & Almond Body & Face Gift Set. This premium set is a complete face and body routine with a soft and subtle scent of honey mixed with almonds.

All products are made in France, natural, vegan and not tested on animals.

2. NEW: Apricot Beauty

Apricot Beauty is known for the hyaluron pads. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the skin and known for its ability to attract and retain moisture up to a thousand times its weight. It constantly works very hard to keep the skin healthy and moisturized.  Especially the hands are extra sensitive to cold. They can become red, rough and painful. View the pads for the hands now. The stylish packaging makes it a nice gift for her this Christmas!

3. Fruu Cosmetics

The cold air in winter chafes the lips and can easily damage them. This makes the lips less able to retain and absorb moisture, making the skin drier and more sensitive. A popular product by consumers is therefore nourishing lip balm. Take a look at the colorful range of Fruu Cosmetics on Orderchamp. The special one is perfect for the winter Lipbalm Trio Set to give as a present and the Coconut Lip Balm with nourishing coconut oil and aloe vera. Tip: Place the lip balm displays near the checkout, so your customer can still take them with them last-minute!

4. Oolaboo

Oolaboo is a Dutch lifestyle brand and suitable for him & her due to the quiet packaging. The products are made from natural ingredients and contain active substances that protect the skin, hair and body for the cold winter days. The special limited edition gift set is also great fun to give as a Christmas present! In addition, there is the super foodies collection which includes Japanese matcha. Check out the cool super foodies gift set with shampoo, conditioner and the Matcha infused oil. Full of nourishing ingredients, antioxidants and vegan too!

5. Shampoo Bars

The hair and body could use some extra care during the colder days. Shampoo Bars offers an extensive range of plastic-free cosmetics. Currently the range consists of Shampoo Bars (hair soap), Conditioner Bars, Body Bars and sustainable bathroom accessories such as cotton wool and toothbrushes. Shampoo Bars packaging is 100% biodegradable and completely plastic-free. Shampoo Bars are more environmentally friendly and (converted) cheaper than most regular shampoos. In short; Shampoo Bars is good for the hair and the environment. Add the products to your (web) store, we are sure that your customer will love them. They are also very suitable to give as an original gift!

6. Joliderm

Joliderm is new to Orderchamp and is a French cosmetics brand that sells beautifully packaged patches and masks formulated with plants and natural active ingredients known for their effectiveness. Joliderm products are nice to give as a present to him & her under the Christmas tree and are easy to take with you on the road or to a nice staycation or pampering evening at home.

7. Oskar Natural Skincare

For men's concept stores, we recommend our German brand Oskar Natural Skincare. You will find men care products and perfumes with an edgy and urban look. Ideal to give as a present to a father or good friend. In addition, all care products are handmade in Germany and are natural & vegan.

Purchases are already possible with a minimum order value of € 50. Shipping time is within 1-3 business days. Order this brand now and quickly add the unique products to your range.

8. Bomb Cosmetics

Everyone can use a little color and fun this winter! Check out the cheerful bath bombs and gift sets by the brand Bomb Cosmetics for lots of bathing fun. The products are guaranteed to put a smile on your customer's face! The products are handmade, natural and not tested on animals and therefore a conscious choice to add to your range.

Havent you found a brand that fits your (web) store after reading this? Then go to our Beauty & Health category and discover the full range of make-up and skin care products. There is a brand for every type of store, style and budget, whether you have a concept store, beauty salon or drugstore!

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