Dear readers, for those who have been reading our blog articles for several weeks, have had the opportunity to discover many unique brands. Especially Dutch, Belgian and French brands. But today we proudly present 10 German brands that recently joined our platform. Indeed, Orderchamp is slowly establishing itself in Germany and has started to cooperate with German brands and retailers. This new market has enormous potential for you and for us. Germany has a particularly stable market environment and is one of the largest retail markets in Europe. In this uncertain second wave of corona, it is comforting for most of our retailers to know that they can continue to drive their business through our platform. Thanks to Orderchamp you have access to a large European market, so you can diversify your offer by buying unique products from other countries or by choosing and buying local products in your country of origin. No matter how you buy or sell, you might fall in love with German brands today. Usually German products are known for their quality, but through this blog you will see that it is much more than that. Enjoy reading!

1. Type-alive

Discover the brand at the top of our ranking Typealive, a small graphic studio based in Münster. This brand has a real knack for combining text and images in a fun, beautiful and often unexpected way. With a cheerful and artistic approach, the studio produces works with a friendly appearance. Typealive seems to be an essential brand for the Christmas season as it has gift wrap, original Advent calendars, gift cards, tags and much more! Curious about this brand? Check them out storefront.

2. Eigenart

Winter is coming. The season for hot tea by the fireplace has officially opened, the German brand fits in with that Eigenart. The brand has a wide range of products (cans, porcelain, drinking utensils, mugs, thermos, teaspoons). By visiting their storefront, you will discover three surprising collections of mugs and thermos, enough to give your customers a little comfort to get through the winter! The secret to this brand's success? Constantly innovating and meeting the needs of its customers. Their many products can also be used as original Christmas gifts.

3. Yolunda

If fall gray isn't your thing then it's time to bring some cheer and color into your store with the brand Yolunda (which means 'to be on the way' in Turkish). Take your customers on a journey with this brand that sells linen and bedding, they specialize in hammam and organic cotton towels. With the onset of winter and covid's comeback, more than ever before, your customers should feel good and comfortable at home. Here we chose to show you this range of throws and sheets for winter 2020. But for even more inspiration, check out their storefront.

4. Mitienda

We continue to travel with the brand Mitienda (which means “my shop” in Spanish). It is indeed a German brand, but you will also find products from it: Mexico, Guatemala, India, Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, Pakistan, Swaziland and Egypt. If you want to distinguish yourself and offer absolutely unique products to your customers, you should choose Mitienda. In addition to products that come from all over the world, the brand has a very wide range of products, mainly decorative objects. Take a quick look?

5. Dot On

With the second wave of the epidemic, people will be forced to stay home more. In other words, a good reason to re-style the interior a bit. Discover the German brand Dot on, based in Stuttgart, which offers wall art for young and old. Dot on sells intelligent design products, with endless possibilities, more colorful dots and enough room to develop your creativity. Ideal for young and old.

6. Ligarti

If values such as "sustainable", "high quality" and "fair" are important to you, it seems like the brand Ligarti was made for you !. The brand has developed two very original collections, one in the Christmas spirit and one in the jungle spirit. You can find their products on their storefront on Orderchamp.

7. Planet Bamboo

Discover the brand Planet Bamboo. It is a brand that does business with a very ecological spirit. Every year, people produce almost 250 million tons of plastic waste and this number is on the rise. The Planet Bamboo brand has one big goal: to save the world a little by freeing it from plastic waste. To achieve this, the brand has been developing sustainable care products from recycled raw materials since 2016. Seduce your customers with a greener and smarter range!

8. Natural Vibes

What we particularly like about Germany is that it is a country that has a lot to do with sustainable development and that is reflected in our brands. We would like to introduce another brand that is good for the environment: Natural Vibes. Natural Vibes buying its products means: the guarantee of a product that has been produced in a sustainable way, the brand also guarantees high quality and the certainty of using organic cotton. Natural Vibes works with 0 chemicals and dyes. The sock brand is bound to surprise your customers… The brand also offers great styles and packaging for Christmas, so be sure to check it out.

9. Studio Botanic

We have previously mentioned stationery, decoration and fashion products that are good for the environment, but also discover the brand Studio Botanique, which offers certified vegan and natural cosmetic products, with a light fragrance. Their products are completely plant-based, the concept is both modern and timeless and of course environmentally friendly. It is a product that matches the trends and preferences of millennials today. Buying from Germany is often synonymous with quality, but nowadays also for ecological! View all products of the brand by clicking here.

10. Typewine

We close this article with a touch of humor and lightheartedness with the brand Typewine! The concept is very simple, Michael Kijac, graphic designer in Hamburg has a great passion for typography and wine, so he decided to combine the two! This is how the brand was born Typewine which offers a set of labels to stick on wine bottles. It is a product that your customers have probably never seen before, surprise them with the originality of the brand. It is also an ideal product for festivities such as birthdays, evenings or even Christmas and New Years.

We hope to have inspired you with this article and that you enjoyed discovering all these new German brands. If so, keep in mind that more and more German brands will join our platform in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Also visit our page with all products for Christmas! To prepare your shop in time for this promising period!

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