Baby market expert Carola shares her knowledge and tips in a presentation for Orderchamps brands and retailers

Meet Carola Siksma-Ruiters; editor-in-chief at magazine and online platform Baby Wereld. Carola is the expert when it comes to recent trends and developments in the baby market. This week, she will share her knowledge with Orderchamp brands and retailers in an online presentation with relevant information and tips to better distinguish yourself in the challenging baby market. Would you like to know more about upcoming trends, the role of sustainability and different styles? Then read on!

The baby market is a niche market; we are dealing with a few very large but also a lot of small players. It is quite a saturated market, but there is always room for a good store-concept or good brand. This keeps the market alive!- Carola.

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About BabyWereld

Baby Wereld is the source of information for professionals in the baby industry in the Benelux. BabyWereld informs retailers, buyers, manufacturers, distributors and maternity care about the latest baby products and developments through the trade magazine, website, newsletters and social media.

You cannot include everything in your shopping assortment. So make choices, determine who your target group or consumer is and for whom you want to be the store. I sometimes see shops that offer too many different products. Coherence is important here. So look at what fits well with your store formula.- Carola.

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Online presentation Carola

In the online presentation, Carola tells more about herself, figures in the baby market, assets, how to make your store or brand a success, trends in the baby market and the Baby Innovation Award election. Are you also in the baby market with your brand or store? Then click here to watch the webinar for free and with ease.

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More questions? Feel free to send Carola an email via [email protected]. Get inspired on this trend page or send a message for purchasing advice in baby brands on Orderchamp to [email protected]. We are happy to help you make a success of your store!

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