Christmas is coming. Have you prepared your store yet? In previous blogs, we have already given you some advice to prepare your store (online and offline) on time. Today, through this article, we're going to show you 8 stationery brands that have great products (including greeting cards, gift wrap, labels, stickers). Their originality is bound to boost your store collection. In this blog you will mainly see products from Christmas collections, but keep in mind that these brands have many other equally beautiful products for the rest of the year. Dear readers, be inspired and discover these 8 surprising brands!

1. Hello August

First discover the Belgian brand Hello August! The brand makes cards from corn residues, ideal if you want to sell environmentally friendly products. But we also really like this brand for its designs, which are both simple and sleek. As on the two maps you can see below, the one is'Make it a December to remember', perfect for the season and the other 'On my mind', a poetic card! These two cards come with recycled envelopes, with Hello August you contribute to a better world!

2. typealive

typealive is a small design studio from Münster with a great talent for combining text and image in a fun, beautiful and often unexpected way. Like this funny greeting card, for example Spirit of Christmas, but by going to their store you will discover many more! The brand also offers stickers with touching messages, ideal for sticking on a gift or card.

3. The Completist

At Orderchamp we are fans of the London brand The Completist, you have probably seen it in previous blogs. The brand takes inspiration from art, fashion and history to create unique colorful designs. In addition, the brand offers all kinds notebooks, cards, gift wrap etc. Go through their store here to click. Surprise your customers for the Christmas season by offering them gift wrapping paper in eccentric colors and matching greeting cards.

4. Paper Mirchi

We couldn't write this blog without the brand Paper Mirchi to name. This stationery brand is the perfect combination of creativity and technology. The brand has a strong experience in the textile industry and that is why their printing and dyeing techniques are special and unique. Complete your Christmas assortment with these beautiful gift boxes and the accompanying cards. Check them out storefront for even more ideas and inspiration.

5. Lütteblüten

If you want a creative vibe in your store, it's the brand Lütteblüten What you need! The brand makes fun greeting cards, with a lot of creativity in the designs. In her drawings, the artist draws inspiration from her personal life and her environment and combines elements from nature. Discover these two beautiful cards that lend themselves well to the Christmas season! But don't limit yourself to that, the brand has more than 145 cards in it storefront, divided over 8 collections ... take a look!

6. À L'aise

It seems that the Londoners are very talented in graphic design as it is another London brand that we present to you in this blog. Discover the brand À L'aise, which recently joined our platform. The brand offers cards, gift boxes and office supplies with a sleek and minimalist design. The benefit of À L'aise is that there is a great range, the brand offers a wide and varied range of products. And as icing on the cake, you can match cards and packaging! Simplify the Christmas period for your customers and choose this beautiful brand.

7. Stokwolf

Discover a brand that will remind you of your childhood: Stokwolf. The illustrator Thalysia van Esch is inspired for her designs by nature, daily life, growing flowers and animals. The illustrations are special, minimalistic and made with the greatest care. With the brands mentioned above you mainly see cards and gift packaging… Stokwolf offers nice little labels that make a gift complete! Check out all of their products here to click.

8. Carédeau

Finally, discover the French brand Carédeau that completely redefines the concept of gift wrapping. It's the same story every year, thousands of gift boxes are thrown in the trash… Why not choose reusable packaging? The brand is strongly inspired by the Japanese furoshiki culture, this is reflected in the chic design and patterns. Dare to be different and offer your customers reusable gift packaging from Carédeau !

The purpose of this article is to boost your inspiration for the upcoming season. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below this article if you need any advice or tips for the upcoming season. Feel free to ask about topics that interest you.

Finally, because the Christmas period is undoubtedly the most favorable time of the year for brands and retailers, we have a page "Preparing for Christmas" made with the best-selling products on different themes. Save time and view this page, click here. Good luck and happy shopping!

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