Discover the best Christmas gift tips for her from team Orderchamp!

The holidays are coming and that means a lot of gifts! In our previous blog we already gave original gift ideas for him. It's the ladies turn now! Examples are: cookbooks, tea, scented candles, a clutch, earrings, scrunchies, personal care and much more. You have come to the right place at Orderchamp if it comes to gift ideas for her. We are happy to help you offer the perfect gift to your customer. We have listed 10 products that are perfect to add to your store for the gift season.

View all gift ideas for women on our specialGifts for herpage.

1. Scented candles

A lovely brand that offers a wide range of gifts for women is for example Me & Mats. Discover their scented candles in different, beautiful prints. The "Beaucoup" and "You are golden" candles fit perfectly with the Christmas season because of the golden letters. View the brand and their matching scented candles, cards, tea, shower gels and more on Orderchamp!

Or go for the new French brand Frais and their handmade candles with soy wax. In addition, they produce very sustainable and their products are vegan. There are many scents to discover, so take a quick look at the brand on Orderchamp.

look at all the candles, house sprays, diffusers and fragrance sticks at Orderchamp.

2. Scrunchies

Scrunchies have become an indispensable part at jewelry stores, gift shops, beauty salons and concept stores. The demand for this popular product is increasing enormously among our retailers! There are many possibilities in colors and materials. View the entire range of brands with scrunchies on here on Orderchamp! Ideal as a gift for her

Discover all the scrunchies from Queen Scrunchie, Essentialistics, Ellastiek and Freak Official.

3. Cookbooks

A cookbook is always a good idea for a Christmas gift. Check out the brand Carrera Culinair on Orderchamp and their wide range of cookbooks. There offer a range of 40 books for vegetarians, bbq enthusiasts, amateurs, those with a sweet tooth and much more. With a view on Christmas, we recommend the following books books:The Oven Bible'' and ''Cakes”.

4. Jewelry with a message

Beautiful jewelry is always a good idea if it comes to gifts for women. Discover the wide range of jewelry brands on Orderchamp; you will find bracelets, chains, earrings and more. We also have a number of brands that make a huge effort in the way of displaying and or packaging their product, for example by using nice cards and other packaging. Take a look at the beautiful displays of & Anne, Sweet Label and My Treasure Hunts.

5. A bouquet of dried flowers

Dried flowers are hip, and a perfect gift for Christmas. The flowers will stay good all winter (and beyond) and will add some coziness to your home. Be inspired by our brands on the special Dried flowers page. Discover brands like Bries aan Zee, by Muno, Blooming by Flinde and more.

6. Handbags and clutches

A woman can never have enough bags, especially when the holidays are approaching. View the entire range handbags on Orderchamp. View the trendy bags and clutches in different styles from, among others La Lisette, C&W Jewelery, K-bass / WOW, Menga Trading and Tessa Swinkels. With these special bags you are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your customers!

7. Cosmetics

For both the makeup-, grooming- and perfumeenthusiasts, we have a wide range of gifts on Orderchamp. For example, choose the beauty tools of the new French brand Lavay Paris, or go for the gift set from SMPL and perfumes from Le Parfum Citoyen.

8. Tea

On Orderchamp you will find the most beautiful tea packaging; from sustainable boxes to the nicest bags and funny texts and prints. View the entire range of tea brands here. An ideal gift to get through the cold winter days. Check-Out the tea from Lemon Poppy Tea, Yalda Herbs, Geurwolkje and Loco Lama.

9. Mugs

Tea is supposed to be served in a nice mug! Think of more complementary gifts that you can ideally combine in your store to make a good sorted gift range for your customer. Go to drinks on Orderchamp and take a look at the brands The Completist, Studio Yelle and Type Alive. Check out the nice packaging materials and other Christmas items at Type Alive and The Completist!

10. Soap

Would you rather give a moment of enjoyment as a gift? A nice smelling soap in beautiful packaging is an ideal Christmas gift. Nice to use under a hot shower and to combine with other gifts. In addition, these are also very nice in your store! View all kinds of original, beautifully packaged soap brands here. Discover Earth Elements, DIYS Soap, Jolis Baumes, Popular studio and more.

View all our special page with Christmas gifts for her and discover even more products! Don't forget our wide range of gift packaging. Together with Orderchamp, te holiday season will become a great succes!

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