Must-have brands from Orderchamp to purchase when starting a concept store

The concept store can no longer be ignored from the current street scene. Are you also thinking of starting a physical or online concept store? Orderchamp offers different, unique products in seven different categories to enrich your range. We have especially for starting concept stores that could use some advice the 20 best Concept Store brands listed for you. Also read on, because in this article we highlight another 7 must-see brands that you should not skip when starting a concept store.

Knapsack Design

Knapsack stands for beautiful illustrations! Each design is meticulous and detailed. Knapsack is a Dutch brand and sustainable! All tickets are printed on growing paper. Growing paper is recycled paper that is reprocessed by hand into a “paper with seeds”. Then it is dried, weighed and cut. The growth charts are available in a mix of Forget-me-nots and Poppies.

The products of Knapsack are unique and well-priced so that you as a starter do not have to worry about high purchasing costs. Furthermore, the brand guarantees fast delivery, namely between 1-3 days, which makes reordering easy.


SOLIB'is a French brand and produces beautiful music boxes that are made by hand. The music boxes of SOLIB'play the most beautiful tunes of great classical composers. With the products of SOLIB'you know for sure that you have something in the store that another store in your city doesn't have yet!

For example, shop the fun Eiffel Tower below or a Polar Bear for the little ones in your concept store.


RIG-TIG is a great Danish brand in our Cooking & Dining category! With their sleek design, smooth materials, the environmentally friendly approach and multiple colors, they are definitely a must-see brand when shopping for your new Concept Store.

For example, take a look at their well-priced retro style Blender, this eye-catcher will certainly leave an impression with your (future) customers. Look here otherwise take a look at their extensive and well-priced range.

Bougie Bijou

Jewelry and Candles are often runners at Concept stores. These are often well priced and ideal to give as a gift. The French brand Bougie Bijou had the idea to combine these.

As shown in the images below, your customer purchases a candle at first glance. But when the candle is completely melted, your customer suddenly finds a beautiful piece of jewelry designed in a Parisian Atelier! How nice is that? Dried flowers have been added to their candles for fragrance and style, and the candles are made entirely from natural products.

Bougie Bijou's concept is special, and their candles are a surprising gift to offer to your future customer. In addition, they work with a high margin of x3 and they now have a discount of 15% on their products. Do not skip this brand during your first purchase!

Studio Squid

Studio Squid offers quirky designs that will put a smile on your customer's face! A real must-have for your concept store: whether you are looking for postcards, vinyl stickers, or masking tapes, you will find them at Studio Inktvis.

Studio Inktvis has been on Orderchamp for some time now and has proven to be a real favorite within the category Stationery. Studio Inktvis works with fast delivery times, a low minimum order amount and good prices. Not to be missed during your purchase!

By Romi Creative Studio

By Romi Creative Studio is a Dutch gift brand and expert when it comes to products for a Concept Store.

The collection of By Romi is designed with a lot of love and consists of beautiful, sweet gifts that you can give to someone for almost all moments in life. Their collection is distinguished by simplicity, quality and beauty. All items are made and packaged in-house, which ensures a consistently high quality of the items.

By Romi works with fast delivery, low costs and good margins. For example, consider offering their candy bags in your concept store, ideal as a gift offer!

Les Femmes à Barbes

Jewelry should of course not be missing in a Concept Store. Go for something new and discover our new French brand Les Femmes à Barbes. Discover the many elegant handmade jewelery, they are enamelled, anti-allergenic, gold-plated (between 3 and 5 micron gold) and guaranteed nickel-free. Quality is of paramount importance to this brand. With the jewelry from the French brand you can be sure that you have products in your concept store that your customers will love.

Do you want to get started with purchasing for your webshop or store? View here all 20 must-have brands that are very suitable when starting a Concept Store. Don't forget that we now guarantee free shipping above 350, -. Happy purchasing!

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