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Meet Bianca, owner of Fraai Winkeltje! This week we spoke to Bianca about her Eindhoven-based, atmospheric gift shop. Bianca composes the entire range herself and regularly adjusts it to the wishes of her customers. We asked her why she started Fraai Winkeltje, how she maintains a good relationship with her customers and how she has made her beautiful shop her own. You can read more about the village boutique and the unique products in this blog!

“We want to make people happy! And by people we mean everyone, which is why we sell products in different price ranges. We love it when people leave our store with a smile and come back because they were so satisfied with their purchase! ” - owner Bianca.

How did the idea for Fraai Winkeltje come about?

My husband and I live in a cozy, working-class residential area in Eindhoven and we thought it was a shame that people had to go to the center to get nice gifts and decorative items for their home. I have always loved cozy and cozy atmosphere shops. Unfortunately you don't have many of these in Eindhoven. That is why we decided to set up a shop for everyone, with products in different price ranges. Then this building suddenly became available and we renovated it completely ourselves and decorated it in our own unique style. We have a very wide range, with products in all kinds of categories, with which we want to make people happy. ”

How did you end up at Orderchamp?

“I was looking for ways to purchase beautiful products for our shop. Then I came across Orderchamp quite quickly on Google. I think the great thing about Orderchamp is that you have a very versatile range of brands on the platform. What I also like are the low minimum order amounts and order quantities. Our retail space is not very large, so I can manage my stocks well. My preference is to purchase a smaller number of products more frequently instead of large bulk purchases twice a year. This is possible with you. Furthermore, I have been very satisfied with my orders every time, as well as my customers! ”

What are your favorite Orderchamp brands?

My favorite brands and products to buy on Orderchamp are the dried flowers from Bries aan Zee, the jewelry and children's collections of Loco Lama and basically everything from Return To Sender! I think Scent cloud and keep an eye on our Love from Emma also very cool brands with special products that you will not find in every store. ”

What makes your range unique?

“We sell original gifts and other timeless items. In addition, we present them in a beautiful way in the store, by putting a flower in a vase here and there and by placing nice, matching items together. We mainly look at the quality of the products. This must be good, so that people can enjoy their new purchases for a long time. We also do not do sale and yet we have already been completely empty 2 times. Of course I am very proud of this! ”

What else do you do to maintain engagement with the customer?

“Contact with our customers and the service we provide are always very important to us. In addition, we regularly organize drinks in the store for our loyal customers. Then we have a DJ come over, we set up standing tables and we have a nice snack and drink together. This is that Brabant cosiness that we are known for. We really listen to the wishes of our customers and we are happy to give personal advice. There is always a very nice atmosphere in the store. Customers are offered a cup of coffee and a glass of wine or beer on the weekends. We try to pack all products specially and keep it personal. That is why we have many regular customers who come back more often. ”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“Despite the fact that we have a wide range, it sometimes happens that a customer is looking for something else. Then I just go and find them for them and order them for the customer. Of course we pay attention to whether these fit well with the shop. We mainly look at what the customer asks for and offer that little bit of extra service and attention! ”

The range of Fraai Winkeltje varies from home accessories like candles, dried flowers and keep an eye on our lamps, to everything for a cozy atmosphere at home and original gifts with a wink. Get inspired for your (web) store and also start purchasing trendy products on Orderchamp. Or do you see your brand among the products of Fraai Winkeltje? Go do business and send them an email!

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