Is your company ready for the Christmas period? You may think there is still a lot of time left, but since Christmas is one of the most lucrative holidays on the corporate calendar, it is important that your inventory, staff and services are ready well in advance of orders coming in.

Did you know that consumers are already looking for fun Christmas items at the beginning of September? Thousands of consumers are looking for gifts, decorative items, electronic gadgets and much more. If you are looking for inspiration, go to this one page.

These months often bring a lot of stress, but don't worry: Orderchamp has put together a list of the best tips to help you in the success of your business.

Tip 1: Anticipate on time and manage stocks

To make the holidays a success, it is important to anticipate this period. Think about the trends that will make the difference and plan your inventory together with the suppliers. Stay in regular contact with suppliers to address out-of-stock issues at source. Make lead times clear with suppliers to make sure they can fulfill additional orders at short notice once stocks run out. Have a backup supplier on hand in case of an emergency.

It is important to choose products that add value to your store. Price, quality, originality ... But the permanent availability of gifts during Christmas is also an excellent asset to increase your sales.

Pay special attention to the Christmas bestsellers, but also keep an eye out for last year's products that sold less. Consider additional inventory to meet increasing demand. Provide enough storage space to store additional inventory, otherwise temporary storage is also an option.

Tip 2: Decorate your store (physical and online)

Don't forget to decorate your shop. Decorate your store in the colors and atmospheres of Christmas with gold and silver, snowflakes and trees… Highlight the most attractive offers that set you apart from the competition. Personalize your webshop with Christmas colors if you have one! On Orderchamp you can add special Christmas collections or make product batches.

Tip 3: Order gift paper

With Christmas shopping, customers like to have their gifts wrapped directly in the store. It is advisable to order enough wrapping paper, ribbons, gift boxes, etc. These may not be sold out during the holidays. You can even order gift boxes with your company logo on it. This way you can promote your business to the people for whom the gifts are intended.

Tip 4: Make sure your team is prepared

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges for many retail and e-retailers during the holiday season. While it can be difficult to predict online traffic, it is reasonable to assume that you will receive more orders and more customer requests in the pre-Christmas period, meaning more staff will be needed to handle phone calls and emails to answer and track orders. Get the staff ready and hire extra staff for this busy time if necessary.

Tip 5: Stand out from the crowd with special offers

Christmas competition can be fierce. Launch promotions to attract online shoppers. Your promotional tactics will largely depend on the specific factors of your business, such as product distribution and profit margin, but you might want to consider beating competitors with products that will (hopefully) be popular. Since you're likely to see a higher number of new buyers on the site during the holiday season, it's important that the company's strategy encourages customer loyalty in the future.

Tip 6: Involve your customers

To attract customers to your store during the holiday season, you can organize Christmas themed events. For example, if your shop sells crockery, you can choose to offer workshops on decorating a Christmas table. As a florist you can offer a workshop to make your own Christmas wreath. 

Tip 7: Communicate!

Communicate your Christmas offer and deals to your (potential) customers. Inform them on your Facebook or Instagram page. If you don't have one yet, it's time to create a profile. Now is more than ever time to take advantage of the year-round relationship management efforts to persuade and educate them with free shipping costs, fun perks and more.

Showcase the top products. Don't forget to add share buttons to your store site. Create a gift ideas page in your online store or suggest gift ideas on your social networks by showcasing the top products. Use the sales history to determine which products sell best and are likely to be the best sellers during the holiday season.

In brief

Don't forget to plan ahead as much as possible in advance, such as your marketing, so that when your products hit the shelves, everything is ready for speedy progress. In short, it is absolutely essential not to wait until the last minute with the Christmas preparations. By intervening early, you can certainly take advantage of the many benefits that this period brings. Check out the dates from the year before, plan ahead, be ready with your team, and ensure a beautiful collection. With thorough preparation and these tips, Christmas will certainly be a great success this year!

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