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We are proud to announce that the ceramic tableware is now available for concept stores, furniture stores and cooking stores on Orderchamp. In this blog you can read the story behind the philosophy, collections and working method of the Rotterdam design studio. The handmade and unique mugs, plates, bowls, carafes and bowls from Archive Studio are you guaranteed to add to your product range afterwards!

“Start small, grow slowly. That is the philosophy behind Archive. We are slowly expanding our series and designing in one style that can always be combined. " - according to makers Wouter and Lynn.

About the collections

Fundament Collection

The first ”Fundament” collection is characterized by a contrast in finish on the inside and outside. The outside has a matte finish where the texture of the clay can be felt. The inside has an ivory-colored glaze layer that ensures good protection of the product. The way in which the two finishes come together on the edge of each product creates the characteristic look of this collection.

Column Collection

The second "ColumnThe collection fits in nicely with the existing collection in terms of shape and color, but has a rib structure on the outside. In addition, unlike the first collection, these products are no longer colored after they come out of the oven. The pigments are already mixed with the liquid clay at the beginning of the production process. Due to this mixing process, the color is 'through and through' and the color tone of the outside also returns to the inside. An exception is the dégradé; these products are painted again by hand after they have been baked at a low temperature.


The ceramic products of Archive Studio come from North Vietnam. The products are shipped by container from Haiphong to Rotterdam.

“It is important for us to continue to work with our workshop in Vietnam. First, both they and we benefit from continuity. In addition, we have not yet found a workshop in Europe that can deliver such quality on a larger scale. Traditionally, North Vietnam is a region where refined crockery has been produced for centuries. ” - according to makers Wouter and Lynn.

Material use

The products are made of stoneware and are extra strong thanks to the high temperature at which the products are baked. The products are first baked at a low temperature and later at 1,250 ° C. The high temperature makes the clay compact and the product strong. These last so much longer than products made from pottery, for example. Because all products are made by hand and because of temperature differences in the oven, beautiful nuances in size and color are created. Each product is therefore unique!

“Our aim is to operate completely plastic-free by the end of 2019. This means that we are very much looking for sustainable alternatives to the polystyrene foam, plastic tape and other plastic material that we currently use. ” - according to makers Wouter and Lynn.

Finally designs Archive Studio now more than just ceramic tableware. Thanks to a collaboration with a beautiful wood workshop in France, they will soon make saucers made of walnut wood available for the espresso cups and coffee cups! Follow the brand on Orderchamp and stay informed about the new collections.

About the makers

After 6 years working abroad for large organizations, Lynn and Wouter decide it is time to set up something themselves and do it differently.

“We really wanted to create a product line with our own vision. Sustainability, quality and craftsmanship play a major role in this. The great thing about crockery is that durability and design come together very well. Good crockery lasts a lifetime and you enjoy a good dish even more when it is served on a beautiful plate. ” - according to makers Wouter and Lynn.

Shop Archive Studio on Orderchamp

Check out Archive Studio now here on Orderchamp. Archive Studio meets the values of Dutch Design, Handmade and Social Good. You can already order with a minimum order amount of € 100 and shipping within 3-6 days! Shop per collection now:

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