This is how your customer creates a warm and cozy autumn home

A new season means a new interior. While a light and fresh house is preferred in the summer, the consumer wants to add atmosphere and warmth to the interior in the autumn. These are those warm colors that you encounter in nature, such as earth tones, terracotta and the colors of fallen leaves. To give you a helping hand, we've listed 10 brands with fall must-haves for you!

Want to see the most beautiful autumn products in one overview? Go to our special autumn page and check out the entire selection. With these brands and products, your customer will have an autumn-proof interior in no time!

Cozy plaids and cuddly rugs

One of the best ways to bring autumn into your home is through cozy plaids adding to the interior. This can be done with warm wool knits, but also by using beautiful velvet throws.

In the latter sphere, we advise you to take a look at the Belgian brand Tiseco and the velvet plaids in multiple colors. Tiseco sells plaids & cushions, rugs and more to give every home a cozy and warm look!

For chunky knit, chunky plaids the brand Adorist fit. The plaids come in different autumn colors and are handmade from natural and durable materials of high quality.

Soft pillows

Your customer makes his or her living room or bedroom a lot cozier with pillows. View here the entire range of pillows on Orderchamp.

For the coming autumn season you can buy the velvet cushions in autumn colors from interior brand Home 67 see. These are ideal to mix & match with the very affordable velvet chairs, sofas and ottomans! This brand is a must to check out when you equip your furniture store or concept store with new products this fall.

Scented candles

(Scented) Candles are the best mood creators when it is gray and cloudy outside. In the fall, decorations are made by grouping a number of candles together and adding autumn leaves and chestnuts. But also fragrance sticks are loved. You can use all brands of home fresheners here on Orderchamp.

Check out the new At Dawn scented candle of Garden State Candles especially for autumn. The intoxicating, heavy floral scent of Ylang Ylang is perfectly balanced by the lovely warm spiciness of cardamom and the dry, woody aromas of cedar and myrrh.

In addition to scented candles, the Berlin brand also sells Sage bundles or "Sage" to clean the negative energy from the house by burning it. This white sage (Salvia apiana) is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and can be found more and more in concept stores, beauty stores and furniture stores. For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying and protective plant. Ideal for the new season!

Want to know more about the brand? During the Digital Fair, owner Maya gave an inspiring presentation about the effect of the scents and their application. You can do this here Looking back.

It may seem far away, but check out the Fall / Winter 2020 collection from Village Candle with delicious autumn and Christmas scents. A true classic and a perfect gift for dinner parties and other appointments. They not only provide light, but also contribute to extra warmth. Discover the wide range of scented candles from Village Candle now here on Orderchamp!

The Heirloom Spice line from the fall christmas 2020 collection by the brand Green Leaf also fits perfectly with the autumn season. The aroma of crunchy apples with warm spices coated with creamy pumpkin, caramel and vanilla is reflected in various products. View the scented candle, fragrance bags, air fresheners and wax bars from the brand now on Orderchamp!

Green in the house

Plant power! The greenery may have disappeared from the trees outside, all the more reasons to bring it back into your home in autumn. Check out our Garden & Plants category and the supply of indoor plants.

The Haarlem brand Growing Concepts sells decorative terraniums. Thanks to the striking design and the clear thick glass, the closed ecosystem offers a very nice view of the botanical plants that grow in it. Did you know that they are also durable and use hand-blown recycled glass? In short, a conscious statement at home.

In addition to plants, there are also many decorative ones on Orderchamp dried flowers and other grasses. They are also very nice in the store! Your customer is guaranteed to want to take it with him to give it as a present or to place it at home.

MEERgroothandel sells individual bouquets as well as ensembles on Orderchamp. A bouquet of dried flowers becomes a real eye-catcher in an autumn interior by putting them in a special vase. View the offer for this vases at Orderchamp.

Atmospheric lighting

Now that it is getting darker outside, it is time to make it warm and cozy inside and bring the autumn atmosphere into your home with the right lighting. Which lighting suits the autumn better than these brocante hanging lamps and table lamps from Knoops Decoration branches? Pssst… did you know that there is no minimum order value for orders at Knoops Decoratietakken? Take advantage now and add one or more unique lamps to your (web) store! Your customers will love these.


Cold days call for warm colors. This is allowed a soft rug actually not missing from your customer's autumn interior. This way your customer can enjoy warm feet during the cold days!

Take a look at the rugs of Kuatro Carpets. The MOON series of rugs from Kuatro is made from 100% natural wool and is available in 5 colors and 2 standard sizes. These honest and natural rugs create atmosphere and cheerfulness in the living room. Something that everyone can use in the dark autumn days!

Also buy autumn products? View the entire autumn range on our special page and prepare your (web) store in time for the coming season! Shopping is easy with multiple brands on our online wholesaler.

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