Summer is a season of fresh watermelon, easy meals, swimsuits, sunscreen, dazzling colors and embracing simplicity. This summer energy is part of the top trends of 2020. Color invites in our interior and in general: the more color, the better. Be it mustard yellow, fuchsia pink or azure blue, all colors are trendy enough this summer to recharge us and give a cheerful feeling to our everyday lives. As 'trends' change and evolve, they do so in different ways - some have been popular for years instead of just one season, as we saw in our previous blogs with the Minimalist Trend, the Bohemian and Industrials Trend. But this summer we saw another emerging trend, namely: "Colorful chic". In this blog we present you 8 brands that you must have in your shop!

1. A special vase from Loco Lama

Discover the original brand Loco Lama with the slogan "Dare to be different, dare to be you". The brand presents unique products that combine the perfect balance between colors, patterns and composition. To match the new trend Colorful Chic, we would like to present this beautiful yellow vase, hand painted and in ceramic. The vase can be found in the vase category from Orderchamp. Your customers will love it! But that's not all, the brand has a wide range of products, mainly in the Orderchamp Home Living category, do not hesitate to visit their store for even more inspiration in this new trend!

2. Majestic cushions from Palais

In the same atmosphere, discover the Palais brand and its flamboyant cushions that you can find in the Orderchamp cushions category. The cushions are available in different colors, sizes and patterns. Here the Eleonor cushion and Michelle cushion are perfect for an elegant Colorful chic decoration. View the range of products where home accessories are available, such as: lamps, sheets and plaids.

3.  Exotic Kimonos from Pip Studio

You probably already know the Pip Studio brand because we mentioned it in previous blogs. If we tell you about it again, it's because we are true fans of this brand! The exotic and elegant patterns of these colorful kimonos make us travel to Eastern countries in mind. The bathrobes can be found in the fashion accessories category at Orderchamp.

4. Must Have accessories from Lunedot and Worldfinds

To make a decoration 100% successful, you should never forget the accessories. Whether they are accessories for your interior or for yourself. Discover the Lunedot brand and its original and colorful candle holders, as well as the Worldfinds brand and its jewelery with playful round shapes. Ideal to surprise your customers with this summer!

5. Beautiful paintings by Fabrik Design

Don't forget the wall decoration when it comes to an interior in the Color Chic trend. For a wide range of choices, consult the Orderchamp Wall art category, where you will discover many unique and inspiring brands! Today we have the Fabrik Design brand and its beautiful round wall art, which decorate the walls nicely and give it a cozy atmosphere at home.

6. The super handy and fun notebooks from A-Journal

In this case, if you have an office bookstore, I invite you to discover the products of the A-Journal brand and its cute little notebooks with fresh and delicate colors. The brand's products are mainly located in the Stationery category of Orderchamp.

7. Sparkling cards from Apple & Clover

Apple & Clover strives to design and make high quality stationery. They take man and planet into account in the production of their maps and use only the best, sustainably produced paper. Apple & Clover likes to add special touches to the cards, such as hand-finished ribbons, printed envelopes, and glitter for added sparkle. You can find these sparkling cards in the Cards category at Orderchamp.

8. Attractive Facepots from Plantophile

Plantophile always strives to offer trendy and high-quality products, which this time fit perfectly with the Colorful Chic trend. The pots are made of high quality ceramic, gold bottom and funny faces. These Facepots will always bring a smile to your customers face! Find more beautiful Plantophile accessories at Orderchamp in the Home accessories category.

At Orderchamp we would like to offer large and small brands an extra stage, to introduce retailers to various unique products. Are you a retailer and interested in online shopping for your (web) store? View the platform and filter for new brands or values that you find important. Inspire your customers and offer products with a story!

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