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We are proud to announce that many new brands have recently added to our purchasing platform! For example, we currently offer more than 800 brands that can purchase more than 12,000 retailers online. Since we will officially start this Sunday Digital Fair: Home Essentials edition, today we would like to highlight 4 cool, new brands from our Home & Living category. In this blog you can read more about the unique products of Zenza Home, Onshus, Guzzini and Abodee with Hachiman and keep an eye on our REMEMBER®.

Present of the new brands in this blog Zenza Home, Onshus and keep an eye on our Abodee their latest collections during the Orderchamp Digital Fair: Home Essentials! Register now for free for their online presentations at this link. You can also register here for the other webinars and presentations of Orderchamp brands, experienced guest speakers and interesting experts.

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Zenza Home

We are proud to be inside Home & Living the cool brand Zenza Home to offer. There are many unique products to discover with this inspiring brand! So you can go there for the best cushions & plaids, candles, home decorations and everything up front table. The products have a bohemian, Ibiza style and fit perfectly with this popular interior trend. If you order from Zenza Home, you also contribute to a more beautiful and fairer world. Zenza's handmade products have a 'soul' that gives them extra value and beauty. The brand operates in an ethically responsible manner, providing safe working conditions and fair wages to the craftsmen in Egypt.

Bestsellers: the Zenza Home lamps

Zenza Home sells various hanging lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps. The lamps are made in Egypt, according to their own design, since 1993. Egyptian Zenza lamps are made more sophisticated. The holes are drilled in the lamps, and not hammered like with Moroccan lamps. We also work them brass, which is very durable and strong.

View the latest collection this website or get inspired by our special Zenza brand page! Want to stay informed about Zenza Home products? Then follow the brand and receive all updates!

Abodee: Hachiman and Remember

Abodee offers two brands from the portfolio on Orderchamp, namely Hachiman and keep an eye on our REMEMBER®.


The Japanese brand Hachiman offers beautiful, practical plastic baskets and storage boxes that can be used for countless purposes. Your customers can use the storage units from Hachiman organize the house in a stylish way. The baskets and storage boxes are not only convenient to use, but also an eye-catcher in any interior. View the boxes with and without lid in different cool colors now this website on Orderchamp!




Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been REMEMBER® always inspired by clear shapes and colors. Since then, it has developed an ever-growing range of design and gift items. Think of fun spell, placemats and colorful lamps. The result is an original collection. Various products have therefore been rewarded with renowned design prizes. REMEMBER® is based in Krefeld, Germany.

Bestsellers: unique placemats

The bestsellers of REMEMBER® are the placemats. There are many options for adults and kids! For the adults, take a look at the placemats with gift designs. All products stand out because of the graphic design and the use of color. Go for the children for the placemats with world maps, emojis, a piano board, a keyboard and much more on Orderchamp.

Both brands are part of Abodee and present their latest collections during the Orderchamp Digital Fair. Curious about the products? Register now for free via this link!


Onshus has been the minimalist design brand since 2010, bringing refined elegance to any interior. All products are designed and produced in the Netherlands and Europe. The products are inspired by fashion, architecture and nature. This is reflected in the products and materials; these are handmade and sustainable.

Between the product range you will find tableware, pillows, candles, and much more. View all minimalist designs and complement your (web) store with trendy design products from Onshus!

View the latest collection this website. Do you want to stay informed about Onshus Products? Then follow the brand and receive all updates!


You can already tell by the name, Guzzini brings Italy to the table. It Cooking & Dining brand offers an extensive collection of contemporary table items and a separate series of buffet items especially for professional use. With Guzzini every buffet and table setting at home or in the catering industry gets a glamorous look with an Italian touch! At Guzzini, quality and design always come first. The products are made from premium raw materials that are 100% recyclable and BPA-free, manufactured in Italy, food safe and dishwasher safe.

The brand has several collections, each with its own style. There is the romantic Tiffany collection, which is characterized by the luxurious glass objects in different colors. The Storage collection is very playful again. This diversity in the offer is what makes Guzzini so special!

View the latest collection this website. Do you want to stay informed about Guzzini products? Then follow the brand and receive all updates!

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