Q&A with the owner of the unique concept store L'Arbre aux Souhaits in Brest-Finistère.

Concept store L'Arbre aux Souhaits: Founded in 2010, L'Arbre aux Souhaits is the little sister of the concept store in Brest-Finistère. The online store L'Arbre aux Souhaits, has become a must-have in the world of children's decoration and games and is a popular choice among parents. They offer a multitude of well-known brands and designers, which offer you a whole range of decoration, textiles, stationery, haberdashery and many small gifts for young and older children. In a playful, creative and vintage-like atmosphere, L'Arbre aux Souhaits makes the daily life of babies and children a lot more fun. A beautiful teddy bear lamp to brave the dark, a notebook with Scandinavian graphics to write down its secrets, a bohemian sleeping bag to fall asleep in Wonderland, a princess ring for all princesses, cutlery for the appetite of ogres, magical glitter for all wizards, spring flowers and cheerful colors to let the sun come in: L'Arbre aux Souhaits has it all. A bubble of happiness to dream and enchant your life! Be inspired and read the Q&A in this blog!

Meet The Retailer is a series of interviews with retailers who buy from Orderchamp. In this edition we spoke to Lauriane Guiffant, co-owner of L'Arbre aux Souhaits.

Who are you and how would you describe the concept store?

My name is Lauriane Guiffant and I am the proud owner of L'Arbre aux Souhaits, a concept store in Brest, and an online store arbresauxsouhaits.com. A real Ali Baba cave, L'Arbre aux Souhaits plays with decoration trends to better respond to the needs of customers. This allows us to surprise and amaze anyone looking for a creative selection off the beaten track. ”

Why did you start L'Arbre aux Souhaits concept store? How did you find the name?

In love with graphic design and beautiful objects, I am keen to discover new designers, find treasures that have a soul and offer them in my poetic and resolutely retro universe!

L'Arbre aux Souhaits is the title of a book by William Faulkner that tells the adventure of dreamy children who are looking for a magical tree that fulfills all their wishes. An enchanting world the way I like it. ”

What are the values you promote through l'Arbre aux Souhaits?

L'Arbre aux Souhaits, wants to be a place where children and parents feel good and where everyone can benefit. I like to mix genres and offer very well-known brands and intimate designers. A guideline? To enchant the daily life of the whole family, be it bohemian, vintage, romantic or playful. I like to offer products that create a bond between people, for example: vintage toys that evoke memories for adults that they would like to buy to show to their children. ”

What is your goal and what resources have you deployed to achieve this?

“My goal is to get as many people as possible to discover my world in my shop and to offer them a sharp selection of products that you cannot find everywhere. I developed an online store a few years ago and this allows us to offer our products all over the world. With the crisis we are currently going through, we think it is essential to develop this tool more than ever. ”

In which product categories do you place yourself? What type of values does the product range support?

Playful, creative and vintage. Close to everyday life, L'Arbre aux Souhaits offers a selection of decoration, textiles, stationery, accessories and games for children ... but not only that! We also offer many gifts for yourself or for adults, for example: small leather goods, lamps, retro tablecloths, etc. In addition, values such as eco-design and ethics count in my choice of brands. My customers are sensitive to these values and I think we will be increasingly successful in the future. Designers take these elements into account early in the design of their products and that's a good sign! ”

What type of customer would like to attract L'Arbre aux souhaits?

“Our clientele is very large! We meet many future or young parents who are looking for fun decorations for their children's bedrooms. We also reach the youngest because we have a lot of surprises and funny objects / toys to offer for their friends' birthdays. We also welcome grandparents who want to spoil their children or grandchildren. L'Arbre aux Souhaits is a welcoming place from birth to 87 years old (the age of one of our faithful customers. ”

What is your greatest professional achievement since you joined the company?

My greatest professional achievement? Making L'Arbre aux Souhaits a place where you sometimes come to just walk around, feel good and discover beautiful things. Customers like to come to the store and come back because they have been well advised and have been happy with the gifts offered. They are proud to have put “happiness in their hearts”. ”

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? What message do you want to give to other retailers?

“Our biggest challenge is to distinguish ourselves from the adjacent stores. We do this by offering a versatile selection of meaningful products in combination with fun and affordable products! There is something for every budget and taste. We are constantly looking for new brands, new designers, and favorites that we would like to share with our customers. ” 

Why did you choose Orderchamp as an additional B2B sales channel?

Orderchamp is an ultra-complete and well thought-out platform. You can discover some very famous brands but also lesser known brands. From a profitability point of view, you can immediately see what the purchase price, PVC, minimum amounts and applicable margin are. I chose to work with a foreign platform because I discover small gold nuggets, brands that are not or hardly known in France and that I like to show to my customers. The platform is very well designed and new brands can be discovered regularly. ” 

"Orderchamp is an ultra-complete and well thought-out platform."

Lauriane Guiffant - L'arbre aux souhaits

Which brands do you like to buy at Orderchamp?

"I love office supplies such as:"Fabrique à la Carte“, “My Lovely Thing ” or "Vicky di Studio", But also on decorative brands, such as:"Jurianne Matter“, “Wood Wonders" or "Ikonic". In addition, I have ordered products from the Dutch brand Fresk. Their bamboo backpacks, weekend bags and crockery are very practical and I love their design. And finally I also ordered dried flowers from Mookstories.”

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