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Bring minimalism to your store with these 7 brands from Orderchamp

A basic, clean and sleek interior full of simplicity and neutral colors. Those are the basic ingredients for the minimalist living trend. The style is characterized by it less is more principle. This creates space and creates an understated - yet elegant - interior. Is your customer also a fan of the minimalist interior style? With these 7 brands they make their home a Pinterest worthy whole!

A minimalist interior has a limited color palette. The calm atmosphere is created with beige, white and gray tones. We have collected a number of great products in this blog among the wide range of brands on Orderchamp. Do you want to discover all minimalist products at our online wholesaler? Then go to our special page and be inspired. Benefit from multi-brand purchases in one checkout!


It starts with the basics - and that's the furniture, of course. Advise your customer to leave only the essential items, and present really minimalistic eye-catchers in your (web) store. Furniture that goes well with a minimalist interior is sleek and modern. These should support the rest and not disturb.

The chairs by the brand Jesper Home perfectly match the minimalist interior style. This timeless design comes in different shades of light gray, off-white and here and there some dark shades make the fabric very versatile and a color that your customer will not get tired of quickly. Both are real eye-catchers for a trendy interior.


A minimalist space prefers to let in as much natural light as possible. Is this not the case with your customer? Then he / or she can support this natural light by for beautiful hanging lamps and floor lamps to choose. Make sure that these lamps have sleek shapes and a neutral color.

When we talk about minimalistic statement lamps, take a look at the cool designs of Onshus. The white and black pendant lights with ceramic material create an interesting, stylish interior.


Harmony, a balanced concept, is part of a minimalist living style. To have everything coordinated, your customer compliments this with neutral bedding. A quiet bedroom requires natural and light materials.

The bedding of Linen Tales is made of the natural material linen and is available in multiple colors. These should not be missing in a minimalist interior.

Home accessories

Home decorations are a challenge with a minimalist interior, the credo is to opt for subtle details. One way to dot the 'i' in a minimalist interior is to personalize it by adding a few nice, fine products instead of a lot together. Advise your customer for a quiet one poster or wall decoration to go, a few candles and a carpet. By keeping things completely calm, these selectively chosen accessories stand out and get the attention they deserve.

HAN forum scented candles soy-based are handcrafted by talented designers from South Korea. The candles come in different colors and can be combined well with other accessories, to keep things simplistic.

For rugs, visit the brand Naco Design on Orderchamp and the white woven cotton rugs and runners in different sizes. For the floor with a minimalist design or a romantic motif: the collection can easily mix and match your customer. Each rug and runner is unique and is entirely handmade from residual cotton from the textile industry.


To maintain a calm interior, can organizers come in handy. View the entire range here on Orderchamp!

The storage jars of Namuos should not be missed in a minimalist living style. These ivory storage units maintain peace in the bathroom and add an elegant, luxurious look.


With children it can be a challenge to extend the minimalist living style. Still, there are a lot of brands in the Kids & Baby category can be found with shades of white and gray in the collections.

Take a look at the brand Fair and Cute and the woven, natural materials hugs and accessories. How nice are these hug giraffe and hot water bottle cover?

On Orderchamp we are proud to offer large and small brands an extra stage, to introduce retailers to various unique products. Are you a retailer and interested in online shopping for your (web) store? Take a look at the platform and filter for new brands or values that you find important. Inspire your customers and offer products with a story!

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