Discover the unique and sustainable designs, made from ''Polimarble''

In the past couple of years, marble has become an increasingly popular interior object. But do you already know the unique marble look-a-likes of our Dutch brand Polimeer? Polimeer breathes new life into locally collected plastic waste, which is transformed into its own Polimarble® products. Curious to know more about the recycled designs of Polimeer? In this blog we show you the different stone-looking products and how to combine them. After this you most definitely want to sell Polimeer in your store!

“We love plastic because it’s versatile, colourful and designed to be recycled. Many think plastics are bad for the environment and it should not be used. Yet plastics are able to perform very well in the harshest environments for a long time. It is time to reuse it.” - Polimeer.

The Concept: Polimarble®

Polimeer loves plastic: all products of Polimeer are unique, durable and made from 100% plastic waste. The products are all made from Polimarble®, a robust, durable and cost-effective material. The entire process takes place in the circular design studio of Polimeer in Amsterdam. The material is then furtherly expressed in interior, architecture and product designs in different colours.

Polimeer has chosen five pigments for a premium marbled effect. The products with these colors can also all be found for wholesale purposes at Orderchamp. Check it out now!

Curious what our favorite products are? Then please continue reading this article!

Home decorations

As mentioned above, the marble look has been a recurring trend in the design world in recent years. In addition to the standard marble combinations, this type of furniture can also be made into true statement pieces. The colorful Polimarble® products are easy to combine with different types of home deco styles, such as retro modern, rural and industrial. Where the gray color (Window Grey) adds peace to an interior, the red (Ruby Red) and green (Leaf Green) give a striking touch for a cool interior.

A mix of the marble look with metal details such as brass or copper is increasingly popular. The chairs by the brand Polimeer fit in nicely with the aluminum legs. The Polimarble® Stool is a conscious and dignified design that will embellish any interior. View the chairs in all Polimeer colors now here at Orderchamp.

At Polimeer in addition to the popular chairs and hooks, you will also find decorative utensils such as the single or double planks. With the Polimarble® Shelves your customers can integrate the trendy marble look into their interior in a sustainable and fun way!

The wall objects, or Polimarble® Hooks, from Polimeer are also sold in a 3-pack, to combine multiple colours. With a sales price of € 55, this is a great way for the consumer to get to know the materials and still have pieces of Polimeer at home!

Order at Polimeer

We are proud Polimeer has recently joined our wholesale marketplace. Our retailers can now also buy the unique products online. Would you like to request more information about the possibilities of Polimeer for your (online) store? Send the brand a personal message via the chat function!

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