Q&A with the owner of the unique concept store cum coffee bar in Leeuwarden

Meet Nørd Conceptstore: the best shop & coffee bar in the historic center of the Frisian capital Leeuwarden! The boutique in Sint Jacobsstraat is a must visit, because you can find unique interior accessories and gifts and drink a good cup of (specialty) coffee. Want to know more about this great retailer? We spoke with co-owner Gerard Folkerts about the store concept, the product range and what makes the store so special. Be inspired and read the Q&A in this blog!

Meet The Retailer is a series of interviews with retailers who buy from Orderchamp. In this edition we spoke to Gerard Folkerts, co-owner of Nørd Conceptstore.

How would you describe the store concept?

“We sell a wide range of articles. You can contact us for interior accessories, toys, stationary, books, care products and plants. The plants and garden related products are the most sold. We sell well-known brands, but we also work a lot with small independent entrepreneurs. We love unique articles with a beautiful story! When the product is (made) sustainable, we will be completely happy. ”

Why did you start Nørd Conceptstore?

“More than 3.5 years ago we decided to move from Amsterdam to Leeuwarden. We wanted to live more spaciously and had both quit our jobs. Previously, Suus worked as a window dresser at a large retail chain and was manager at a well-known concept store. Suus is really the creative brain behind Nørd Conceptstore and so is the design of our store in Leeuwarden. When we moved to Leeuwarden, we missed a nice shop and place where you could get a good cup of coffee. Then we thought, "let's start for ourselves!" The specialty coffee you are used to in Amsterdam is hardly available in Leeuwarden. We soon saw that this nice building was released, and then it actually went quite quickly! Leeuwarden is the cultural capital of 2018 and in that year we also started for ourselves. ”

And the coffee bar?

“In addition to the items we sell, we indeed also have a coffee bar where you can enjoy a nice cup of (specialty) coffee. Of course this coffee tastes very good, but it is also sustainable. The farmer receives a fair price for his coffee and his employees are also well paid. For our coffee, we work together with Bocca, an Amsterdam coffee roaster that does business directly with the coffee farmers. No organization intervenes here, leaving more money for the coffee farmers. We have room for 14 people in the store! ”

Why did you choose the name Nørd Conceptstore?

“We were looking for a name with a characteristic logo in it. The choice soon fell on the "Ø". From there we started looking at the possibilities. We thought 'Nørd' was appropriate because we moved north from Amsterdam. By the way, Nørd is Danish and literally means 'nerd' in Dutch. The Danish aspect also stands for the style or atmosphere that we show in the store; namely Scandinavian. The store is clean and minimalistic. ”

What type of customer would like to visit Nørd Conceptstore?

“Our target group loves to sit on the bench outside, on the windowsill or on the sidewalk. Our coffee bar has its own culture. Everyone who comes is really pleasantly surprised. There are many people who normally went to the big cities that now come to Leeuwarden. We also have many German visitors, but the Dutch also really come to Friesland. Leeuwarden has a very nice city harbor. You will also find many museums and street art in Leeuwarden. Even our town hall is filled with graffiti on both sides. So I think a combination of locals, tourists, but also the art and design enthusiasts. ”

You also do business sustainably, how do you do this?

“We try to do business as sustainably as possible and leave the smallest possible footprint. We try to implement this in our product choice, but also in our waste flow and delivery, for example. Many packages that we send within Leeuwarden, we simply do ourselves by bicycle. We also use FRL, our local bicycle courier. They collect our packages. This saves yet another van in the city center. 99% of our orders actually goes with the bicycle courier. These bring it directly to the depot and from there it is distributed throughout the Netherlands. Then the last kilometers are done locally by bicycle. ”

"When searching for new products, we choose the ones with an interesting story. We like to offer our customers a sense of uniqueness."

gerard, nørd concept store

What message would you like to give to other retailers?

“Keep surprising people with new products and change your store layout regularly. This makes it interesting to come back more often. ”

Why did you choose Orderchamp as an additional B2B sales channel?

“We find your platform very clear and well-organized. The selection of brands is very thoughtful and good. In the meantime, a lot has been added since you started! We are very satisfied. The great thing about your platform is that you simply have an overview of what is available within different categories. This makes the search for nice brands a lot easier for us. Thanks to the filter options, we can get the unique out of ourselves, which suits Nørd Conceptstore. ” 

Which brands of Orderchamp do you like to buy? 

"We are big of the lamps of Van Tjalle and Jasper, the cards of Stokwolf and the Retulp water bottles. Also Wooden Amsterdam and we love the wooden birds.

What distinguishes Nørd Conceptstore from other concept stores?

“We are trying to differentiate ourselves by selling things that are not sold in multiple places in the city. Our concept in Leeuwarden is unique because of the coffee-shop combination. Suus and I are really doing it with the two of us and don't employ any staff. So we are there every day and know exactly what we stand for and how to radiate it. We have good customer contact. The atmosphere is always nice in the store. There is always time for a chat and genuine attention to the customer. We have many regular customers for this. In this way you build a certain relationship with your customers. And also because we regularly deliver parcels ourselves, this gives some personal attention. On the one hand, therefore, a distinctive offer, but largely that we are behind it. ” 

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