Meet Heidi Willems: interior stylist and founder of PURE Styling

This week we kick off with the very first edition of the Expert Week! For the Expert Week we will always invite an expert from different fields to share his / her knowledge with our brands and retailers. The theme this week is interior, which is why we have asked expert Heidi Willems of interior and styling agency PURE Styling to give a webinar. Here she will elaborate on the sustainable interior trends of 2020, show examples and present her favorite, sustainable Orderchamp products. To find out more about Heidi, we decided to ask her a number of questions. You can read the full interview in this blog!

Heidi Willems in short

Heidi Willems is an interior expert and owner of styling and consultancy PURE Styling. They work on beautiful assignments for both private and commercial work. The agency offers various services, such as concept development, interior design, photo styling and retail styling.

The interview

How did your passion for interior come about?

“After my pre-university education I was looking for a creative and practical education and then I chose SintLucas. A broad creative training with which you can go in any direction. During my internship at a large home improvement store, I realized that I really liked the interior. After my education I did several retail styling jobs and worked for an interior architect. Then it became very clear that interior is my passion. I also did flower training, which taught me a lot about plants. I regularly do courses and workshops in my field, including at NIA. A few years ago I did a basic education at the photo academy. Very nice to be able to photograph our projects with a little more basic knowledge. I have always had a broad interest and I actually use a lot of what I have learned in my work. That broad development has also helped me start my own business on. The path I have walked may not be very obvious, but I am glad it has walked this way and it has brought me where I am today. ”

“You often see that stylists only work for private individuals or only for business clients. I like both sides very much and the variety is great!

Heidi willems, pure styling '

In 2005 you founded PURE Styling. Why did you choose that name at the time?

“I have been choosing natural materials in styling all my life, that is my preference. So you will not easily find plastic in a design by me. That purely lies on the one hand in the use of materials. On the other hand, I am very straightforward and direct. I like the 1 on 1 contact with people. Sparring together and just making nice things. So no nonsense! That also ties in with the name. ”

What has been your best interior job or project ever?

“I think that was the sustainable project of an eco house in Den Bosch. I generally like it when people ask for a sustainable design. This is closer to myself and it makes me very happy. For this project I worked on a completely sustainable furnished house.

What do you like better; commercial or concept work?

“With photo styling I like the alternation between commercial work and more concept work. But then I actually like the concept work a bit more. This could be, for example, a shoot that we did for a large interior magazine. You then create a daring concept and with that you can go a little crazier and go further. Commercially, you are often tied to a brand and with concept work you can let your imagination run wild. ”

Where do you get your (living) inspiration from?

Actually everywhere and nowhere! Often from nature, just on the street or in the supermarket. You can already see a poster with a beautiful color combination. This inspires me to combine colors in my own styling assignments. Furthermore, I often get my inspiration from art, exhibitions, travel, but it is also possible when I see someone walking on the street with a nice outfit. ”

Do you have a preference for a certain living style?

“My preference lies in the combination between a Scandinavian and Japanese style. The individuals who call or email us are also often in that style. What the styles have in common is that they both stand for simplicity. You can see what the product is made of and how. The use of natural materials and the organic design are characteristic of both styles. ”

Photo: Nicole Minneboo

Photo: Nicole Minneboo

Do you have a nice tip or advice for a interior design shop or webshop?

In the sustainable theme, I would recommend the platform The Substitute check it out. They bring together sustainable brands & professionals (interior architects, designers and stylists). A huge source of information with the aim of providing consumers with overview, inspiration & knowledge in the field of sustainable living, so that they can easily make conscious choices. The platform is currently under development, but I advise retailers and brands to keep a close eye on this. ”

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