A special social kids label with a loving story

This week in Behind the Brand we tell you the story of the social kids label Kind Rebel. The Dutch brand sells a collection of sustainable shirts, each with its own story around the themes: be kind, be yourself and be respectful. In this blog we will tell you more about the different hero-based themes and the loving accompanying message. Be inspired by the unique products!

About the maker

The story begins when the Dutch Anne Zwartbol was still a little girl. She would describe herself as a kind or friendly rebel, which is what the name Kind Rebel was inspired by. After the birth of her son Sol, she discovered how much she wanted to tell him beautiful stories. About a beautiful world where respect, kindness and yourself may be central.

"I realized what makes me incredibly happy. Tell those loving stories to others. But with a creative and playful twist. And so Kind Rebel was born. ” - Anne, Kind Rebel.

The Concept

The collection exists of children's clothing, posters & prints, cuddly toys and the corresponding book. Each shirt tells its own loving story. There are three types of shirts with three heroes. The first shirt is inspired by Frida Kahlo, with the theme of being yourself. The second shirt is inspired by Martin Luther King with the theme of respect. The third shirt is inspired by Gandhi with the theme of kindness. The three stories that accompany the shirt can be read in the Kind Rebel book. How nice is it to tell (one of) these three themes to children of a young age? With the items of Child Rebel your customer can give their child a positive message or give this to someone else.

Jolie - be yourself

About Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a quirky artist from Mexico. She painted many self-portraits, using vibrant colors and broaching sensitive subjects in her art. In addition to being a great artist, Frida was also inspiring. She was headstrong and did not follow the 'rules'. For example, she did wrestling and playing football, which used to be very special for girls. 

The story

Jolie is beautiful with her orange leaves. One day she wakes up with a knot in her stomach. Shouldn't she have red leaves too? Like the other flowers? She asks her mothers for advice. They tell her about Frida Kahlo. After Jolie knows more about Frida Kahlo, Jolie knows which choice to make. You can read the whole story in the accompanying Kind Rebel book.

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Maya - be respectful

Ofar Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King (1929-1968) had a nonviolent struggle against racism and racial segregation throughout his life. Because why did people with dark skin have to sit in the back of the bus? And why were dark-skinned children not allowed to go to the amusement park? Martin Luther King showed how important it is to stand up for your rights and never just accept it.

The story

Maya and Finn love each other and are good friends. They do everything together such as acting, drawing and playing football. One day, Finn is not allowed to play football because the other children think he has a crazy nose. Maya is upset about this and decides to stand up for her friend. Because she shares the same dream as Martin Luther King. Want to know how this story ends? Read it in the included Kind Rebel book. Maya and Martin Luther Kings dream is depicted on the shirt. 

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Izzy - be kind

About Gandhi

Gandhi fought for an independent India. He conducted this protest in a nonviolent manner, without physical violence and without verbal abuse. Gandhi believed that we should focus more on kindness and positive impact rather than performance. He believed that everyone can do something to make life more beautiful. He taught the world the importance of kindness.

The story

Beer Izzy lives in a forest in India. Izzy is very good at humming, but he finds one thing difficult: being nice. One day Izzy runs into Gandhi. Some animals say that he is one of the nicest people in the world. Izzy asks Gandhi for help and he gets three tips to be nice. What tips are those? Read it in the Kind Rebel book. The illustrations accompanying Gandhi's tips are shown on the shirt.

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Child Rebel Orderchamp meets two important values: Socially Responsible and Sustainable. All shirts are produced in the Netherlands. Kind Rebel thinks it is a shame to throw away leftover materials, so they make a new product from all residual materials: cuddly toys. In this way they deal optimally with our use of dust. In addition, they send orders in a compostable bag. The compostable bag is made from 100% biodegradable materials such as corn starch, rice straw and wheat straw.

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