Four inspiring brands on Orderchamp that contribute to the well-being of people

The story behind a product is becoming increasingly important to the consumer. Brands that respond to this through corporate social responsibility are appreciated. Did you know that there are many brands on Orderchamp that meet CSR-friendly requirements? To inspire our retailers today, we put several socially responsible brands from Orderchamp in the spotlight. Read the unique story behind four cool brands in our latest blog!

Due to the wide range of CSR-friendly brands on Orderchamp, we have applied a filter function on which retailers can tick the values they consider important. One of these values is Social Good, where here many brands can be found in all kinds of product categories. Today we tell you the story of four of these special brands: Haberdashery (Hbd Story), Changnoi, Womencraft and Wana Bana. Enjoy reading!


Changnoi has a collection of Hmong-inspired bags, purses, accessories. Changnoi is located in the center of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Changnoi products are made with embroidered material by individual craftsmen. The pattern of each product varies slightly because they are unique.

Changnoi is a social brand promoted by Discovered; a non-profit organization founded to reduce poverty and encourage self-reliance for people at the foot of the pyramid, with a particular focus on women. The Discovered Foundation promotes entrepreneurship in developing countries and creates direct access to global consumer markets for these entrepreneurs.

Check out their purses, yoga bags, handbags, backpacks and shoulder bags from Changnoi now on Orderchamp. This summer must-haves your customers will love.

Haberdashery Story

Haberdashery was founded by the Dutch makers Flo Schepers as Liselotte van der Lugt. The girls spent a significant part of their life on the African continent. Raised in Kenya and Malawi respectively, they have always had a strong connection with the different cultures and cheerful people they have come across on the continent. Their repeated trips to a wide variety of African countries have resulted in the desire to share their passion for this mighty continent with others, providing consumers with an African experience, through handcrafted products and fascinating stories.

Despite the many creative minds, entrepreneurs and artists that can be found in Africa, their handmade products and unique traditions are often overlooked by the rest of the world. For this reason it helps Haberdashery talented people across Africa, on the one hand by providing them with an online platform to showcase and sell their products, and on the other by telling the compelling background stories behind the products.

In addition to the colorful kimonos the brand also sells a nice one Dog leash, Canvas Backpack and Fanny Pack on Orderchamp. These products are made by Masaai women, a nomad tribe in Kenya. The kimonos and bags are perfect for a nice day at the beach or simply to wear at home as a stylish bathrobe.


Womencraft is a community-driven social enterprise operating from Ngara, Tanzania. Womencraft's mission is to increase the economic opportunities in the post-conflict, tri-country region of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania by bringing together rural women, facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the world market. Through WomenCraft, more than 300 artisans advance, empower families, stimulate their communities, and inspire the world around them.

The Refugee Collection (in collaboration with UNHCR since 2018) from WomenCraft, consists of handmade products by Burundian refugees living in the Mtendeli Camp in Northwest Tanzania. The bags in which the refugees receive their monthly food ration are recycled and then woven together with natural grasses into beautiful wall decorations. The grasses are harvested in and around the camps. On average it takes 2 weeks to make one wall hanging or basket.

The Refugee Collection home decoration products combine traditional Burundian weaving with modern colorful designs that represent the refugee's resilience and determination. The wall decorations are of high quality, have a hanging loop at the back and can also be used as a basket or fruit bowl.

The Womencraft wall decorations are ideal for summer. They are suitable for on a wall outside, but also for indoors to add a bohemian atmosphere to the interior.

Wana Bana Design

Maker Lili is originally from Colombia, where she wanted to make an impact on the local population. Her mission is to improve equality, in the form of homework jobs for single mothers. In this way, underprivileged mothers can continue to care for the children while working independently. This has a positive effect on the children of these mothers, who in turn. Part of the turnover is donated annually to an educational program for Colombian children.

The name Wana Bana is inspired by a Latin American fruit, the soursop or Quanábana. It is an analog for something unknown, but delicious. The fruit needs a lot of manual work to be able to eat it, and this work also represents the way the bags are handmade. This takes a lot of time and energy. This makes every bag unique and special.

View all cheerful, colored bags from Wana Bana now on Orderchamp.

At Orderchamp we are proud to offer so many unique brands an extra stage. Are you a retailer and interested in socially responsible or CSR-friendly brands for your (web) store? Filter by values and inspire your customers with products with a story.

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