Q&A with Brand Manager Marjanneke Grobben

Have you ever heard of Fiskars? It is the Finnish multinational behind a lot of popular garden and kitchen brands. Within the Fiskars group you can recently find the brands Iitala, Wedgwood and Royal Dalton for wholesale at Orderchamp. To find out more about these brands, we spoke to Marjanneke Grobben, Brand Manager at Fiskars. Discover the differences between the brands and be inspired by the special collections in this blog!

View the store fronts and collections of Iitala, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton at Orderchamp.

About Fiskars

Named after the Finnish village, Fiskars was officially founded as an ironworks in 1649. It started with the production of agricultural and household products, including the well-known scissors with orange handles.

In the 21st century, Fiskars focused on consumer products and the company continued to grow through acquisitions. Fiskars' position in the field of kitchen utensils was given an extra boost by the acquisition of Iitala in 2007. In 2015, Fiskars acquired the WWRD group of companies, which includes luxury interior and lifestyle brands such as Wedgwood and Royal Doulton.

The company is now known as one of the oldest companies in the Western world. The multinational is a leader in the development of quality products for the garden and kitchen.

Marjanneke: ”At Fiskars we have a wide portfolio filled with outdoor and indoor brands. This allows us to provide consumers with everything for indoors and outdoors. Our slogan is: "Fiskars makes everyday things special." We have now joined many brands, but the ones we sell on Orderchamp are our focus brands in the Benelux. These are Scandinavian Iitala and the British Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. Besides that they have built up a great reputation, they have the most potential with retailers. True Iitala and Wedgwood today you can already find a lot in (web) shops, state Royal Doulton just at the beginning of its growth.”

Why did you choose Orderchamp as B2B sales channel?

Marjanneke: ”We think Orderchamp is a very nice platform. We signed up with the focus brands because we wanted to reach more types of retailers. Previously we mainly attracted the big players. Orderchamp opens the doors for us to a group of relatively small retailers. Ordering with us is easy, and they benefit from advantages such as low minimum order amounts and the payment term. These features make it a lot more accessible and enjoyable for retailers to purchase from us! We like this very much.”

At what type of retailers can the brands be found?

Marjanneke: ”We hit with Iitala, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton all kinds of retailers. The collections of these brands also have a different target group. I will tell you more about this. In general, our brands can be found in interior design stores, crockery shops, cookery shops and concept stores. Mostly Iitala as a lifestyle brand and Wedgwood with the romantic Wonderlust collection do well at interior stores and concept stores.

Iitala - Scandinavian design

Iitala is a Finnish glass factory founded in 1881. The brand embraces the essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle. This lifestyle revolves around a functional yet sophisticated beauty. At Orderchamp, the range consists of timeless and modern Scandinavian tableware, serving dishes, drinking utensils and home decorations like vases. The designs are characterized by simplicity and functionality.

Marjanneke: ”The products of Iitala are designed to last as long as possible and have a timeless design. The current designs have been in the collection since 1950! The collections therefore do not adapt to current trends, but have provided the same excellent quality and atmosphere for generations. Iitala is Nordic design as we know it, by using natural elements. Iitala is therefore my personal favorite!

Wedgwood: High quality porcelain

With its rich history of more than 260 years Wedgwood become a British cultural icon. Based on the principles of design, quality and innovation Wedgwood tableware of the highest quality porcelain, namely fine bone china. The influence of Wedgwood extends to fashion with long-term partnerships with the world-famous designer Jasper Conran, whose collection is also available at Orderchamp.

Marjanneke: ”Wedgwood is popular in the Netherlands because we are real porcelain lovers. Almost everyone has the pottery look & feel at home, just look at the Edme collection. The off-white tableware forms the basis and can be used for any occasion. At Orderchamp we currently present four collections of Wedgwood. As I just said, the Wonderlust collection really the lifestyle collection. This consists of romantic cups that are ideal for a high tea, for example. The cups with flowers in different colors are fun to combine with each other. The other three collections are suitable as classic modern basic crockery and can be found in every household because of the accessible properties.

Royal Doulton: British design

1815 was the year when John Doulton started producing his now world-famous pottery. Royal Doulton has very diverse collections. First of all, there are the Pacific Blue and Pacific Mint collections with various designs with dots, splashes, textures, brush strokes and circles. These are perfect for casual dinners with friends and family. Then there is the Coffee Studio collection with great products for coffee lovers. The 1815 Brights collection has a colored glaze layer and brightens up any home.

Marjanneke: ”Royal Doulton is becoming increasingly popular with retailers. The Pacific Mint collection was launched early this year, in addition to the Pacific Blue. These are also often used for mixing & matching! The patterns and color variations used for the dinnerware make Royal Doulton unique. The products from the Pacific collections are ideal for the current summer season, because of the coastal look. While the 1815 Brights collection suits the younger target group. This collection is named after the founding date. Finally, we see the urban Coffee Studio collection back in interior stores and concept stores.

Interested in the collections of Iitala, Wedgwood or Royal Doulton for your (web) store? Visit the brands now on Orderchamp and discover the unique products! Keep up to date with new collections and products by following the brands. More questions? Send the brands a message using the chat function in the storefront.

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