Make your (web) store summer-proof with these decorating tips!

This Saturday it's the beginning of summer! And a new season means new styles. That's why we've listed all the interior design trends for the summer of 2020 for you. Get inspired by five different styles in our latest blog!

The trends we have spotted for the summer 2020 season are: Bohemian, Industrial, Flower Fever, Natural Life and Colour Pop. The great thing about these styles is that they can be used all year round. At Orderchamp you will find many brands with products in these styles. You as a retailer can of course compliment the brands within these styles. How do you do that? We'll give you some examples in this blog! For example, we'll recommend several brands for each style. Prefer to combine multiple trends? We also see this more and more often in today's living image. Mix & Match by the inspiration from this blog! Or take a look at the entire range of summer home decorations and dinners now at Orderchamp.


Inspired by the nomadic world, travel and encounters, the Bohemian style offers the ultimate in summer interior design. In this trend we see a lot of reed, rattan, feathers and other natural materials.

An example of a brand in complete Bohemian style is Dutchhouseofbrands. Discover for example this handmade lamp100% with natural materials. Complete your bohemian range with this exotic bamboo rug popular brand Yoshiko. To give this summer decoration a touch of comfort, embellish the set with a number of cushions with ethnic prints of Poufs & Pillows. But a decoration is never complete without some home accessories. For this the brand My Bliss Home fit with the many small accessoriesideal for dressing up the wall. Discover more Bohemian brands in the category Home & Living from Orderchamp!

Handmade lamp
Exotic bamboo carpet
Ethnic cushions
Wall ornament


An industrial living style requires rough and tough home accessories. These are mostly furniture and objects that have a history and at the same time are practical to decorate the interior. Moreover, industrial design is suitable for all homes, regardless of the surface area. The trendy combination of old and new creates an interesting spectacle!

At Orderchamp we fell under the spell of the brand DesignBiteminimalist, contemporary and industrial at the same time. Like this little lemon-coloured steel stool that brightens the atmosphere. Discover also the brand Home67 And his lamps industrial-style, made from raw materials such as steel and wood. But it is not the only brand offering industrial lamps, go directly to our category Lighting on Orderchamp. The brand It's about Romi offers several steel lamps on. Finally, go for the industrial brand Concrete Lab! The brand offers concrete interior elements, such as this design chair. Surprising, isn't it?

Lemon-coloured steel stool
Design chair
Steel lamps

Flower Fever

In this style of living, flowers play the leading role. For a romantic interior it is best to combine the flowers with pastel colours and soft materials. In romantic atmospheres, there are many brands to discover at Orderchamp.

signs you can see, composed of natural elements (40% bamboo fibre; 30% corn starch; 25% PLA resin; 5% wood fibre). These brightly coloured plates will make summer meals a pleasure and a good feeling! And then, because there is nothing better than a little bit of colour to give good energy, complete this collection with the festive Pip Studio Home is one of the experts. Both kitschy and colorful, this inspiring brand has enough romantic products. Take a look at the different collections of the brand, such as the pink Majorelle collection whether the Blushing Birds collection for romance on the table. Another floral brand is Rozablue with soft tea towels and keep an eye on our napkins, 100% cotton and handmade. In the same spirit, here is the brand Flora Castle. This brand has everything for in the kitchen and on the table. The pastel shades and floral motifs come back everywhere, like these pink oven gloves. Finally, in an even more assertive style, on Orderchamp you will find the interior design brand Palais. This authentic brand offers a range of elegant decorative objects for the home, such as cushions & plaids, lamps and keep an eye on our candles.

Mosquito Large Chinese Rose Pink
Tea Towel Bells strawberry
Petit Four Plate Phoebe
Cushion Yoko Pink

Natural Life

White gives a relaxed atmosphere. Yet a lot of white in the house can become a bit flat. We therefore advise not to go for muscle white, this can create an impersonal interior. Instead, go for a dreamy effect by using white in different shades, materials and shapes.

For a quiet base, take a look at the elegant white table accessories of the brand Linen Tales. Of linen coasters until placemats and keep an eye on our table runnersthe brand has it all. White is nice to compliment with wood, also a natural material. Here close the sleek and modern products of the brand Gracy Souky nice touch. An alternative to Grace Souky with a more rustic look is the brand Yours Naturally. Discover the Kitchen & Dining products of the brand such as the following wooden serving dish.

Table runner
Salad utensils
Serving dish

Colour Pop

Colour makes a comeback in the interior. It brings life and dynamism into the home and has a great effect on the feeling. It is important to take the effects into account when choosing colour. Think of a colorful interior not only paint! You can use colourful furniture, cushions, rugs and more... Discover below a selection from the range for a colourful interior.

These vibrant combinations ensure that this interior never gets boring! First of all, take a look at the brand Global Affairs and the collection of ethical and responsible tableware, such as the Plentimals signs you can see, composed of natural elements (40% bamboo fibre; 30% corn starch; 25% PLA resin; 5% wood fibre). These brightly coloured plates will make summer meals a pleasure and a good feeling! And then, because there is nothing better than a little colour to give good energy, make this collection complete with the festive By Angel boards! For a completely colorful and spicy summer decoration, don't forget to add some decorative accessories, like with the Wall Art of the unique brand Origami Zoo.

Plentimals Plate Baboon
Bamboo Plate Face Coral
Set 6x cake plate 'Pastel
Origami swan art print A3 - limited edition

Inspired? Purchasing is now easy with one check-out at multiple brands. Check out this website All products for a summer-proof interior!

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