Meet Wijs West: the place-to-be for families

According to co-owner Koen Oosterbaan, it may not really be called a department store, but the Wijs West store looks a lot like it. In addition to a wide range of children's clothing and gifts, the children's concept store in Amsterdam's Oud-West also has a children's hairdresser and café. Across the street they have also opened a second location; Onwijs West. To find out more about the concept, we visited both shops. Curious about the story, the products and the differences between the shops? You can read it in this blog!

Meet The Retailer is a series of interviews with retailers who buy on Orderchamp. In this edition we spoke with Koen Oosterbaan, co-owner and founder of Wijs West and Onwijs West in Amsterdam.

Koen Oosterbaan, co-founder of Wijs West

What's the idea behind Wise West?

"Wijs West is meant to be a place where you feel welcome and where there is an informal atmosphere. As parents, if you go somewhere for a cup of coffee and you take your children with you, you will soon be looked away. There is often no room for a buggy in the shops. I'm a father myself, and I actually missed a place where you can get a nice present for your little one while you also have a cup of coffee and something to eat. That's how the idea for Wijs West came about. At Wijs West, you can get a bite to eat and a drink in the café, while the kids have fun in the playroom and at the same time you can buy special presents. Oh yes, and there's plenty of walking space for buggies."

How did your Wise West start?

"My companion Tessa of the Vomit and I knew each other before. We both had the dream of doing business. I myself have experience in the hospitality industry and a past in kidsconceptsores. Tessa and I developed and set up this concept together. We started with the ankle Wijs West at number 62 . This store caught on so well that we were soon able to open a second point of sale. The nice thing is that these are also diagonally opposite each other".

What's the difference between the two locations?

"We originally started with Wijs West at number 62. Wherever the cafe and the children's hairdresser is. In short, this is a Food, Shop and Kids Place. The stuff you find here is meant for the little ones. So you'll mainly find presents for babies. Parents can also take their children for a haircut every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This concept caught on so well that an idea for a second home soon followed. Coincidentally, the building was released diagonally across the street. This became Onwijs West, the shop at number 71, is meant for the older children. Here you will find Gifts, Toys and Clothes. "As far as the cafe is concerned, Wijs West has something for everyone. For adults and for the little ones."

What does your product range consist of?

"We have a wide but carefully compiled range. We try to make it as varied and exciting as possible. For example, we combine products from big brands, but also original stuff from small, local entrepreneurs".

Why did you choose Orderchamp?

"We're always looking for new sustainable toys or fun children's gadgets. We actually ended up at Orderchamp because one of our brands started selling their products here exclusively. While shopping at this brand, I came across a lot of new brands and products, which I then order. I think it's a very handy platform!

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Next time in Meet The Retailer: the Worldshop.

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