"On the second day, I already had an order in!" Sales Manager Martin van den Brink

Q&A with Sales Manager Martin van den Brink

When you see the products of Blomus you'll probably recognize them. The minimalist design, natural tones and soft finish; the Scandinavian influences are clearly noticeable. Dreaming away is therefore easy with Blomus. That's why we are proud that the brand has recently joined our buying platform! To find out more about the brand, we interviewed Martin van den Brink, Sales Manager at Blomus. In this blog you can read more about the brand, the creative mind behind the stylish designs and the different collections..

Blomus in brief

Today stands Blomus synonymous with intelligent, minimalist and functional design for modern life. The SS20 season celebrates the quality and beauty of innovative designs, adding soft and balanced colors, bold shapes and brand new materials to any home.

On Orderchamp you can find the entire assortment of Blomus here watch.

What's the story behind Blomus?

"The parent company has actually existed since 1923. At the beginning of the 90s, the brand Blomus founded a collection of stainless steel design products. These items were quickly in demand and did very well for years. About five years ago, we wanted to start with something new. We started looking at what else was possible and what new markets we could enter with it. Out of our own interest, our CEO Willo Blome then went to interior design walhalla Scandinavia. Our Northern neighbours love nature and that is clearly reflected in the interior. There he met the famous Danish designer Charlotte Thorhauge Bech. Willo Blome then asked her to work together on a completely new collection for Blomus".

Who is the creative brain behind the stylish products?

"Charlotte wanted to move away from stainless steel design and discover new possibilities. Charlotte made it such a different collection - with new materials, shapes and colours. These are very well received. Due to Charlotte's background, it now looks very Scandinavian, of course. It's quite a change compared to the previous Blomus. This creates a much broader market for us. We can now, thanks to the much looser style than the stainless steel, serve a lot more stores".

What does Blomus stand for?

"Blomus stands for contemporary design. But we have also become reasonably timeless through Charlotte's hand. Blomus has a certain status and is meant for design lovers. Yet with Blomus we often surprise the consumer with the good price/quality ratio. That is exactly what we want to achieve. The nice thing is that when you look at the collection for the first time at trade fairs, the materials and colours are combined in such a way that the whole collection fits together seamlessly. And if you, as a consumer, don't know how to decorate or furnish, you can still be sure with Blomus that it becomes one coherent whole. You can simply come to Blomus for everything.

Why did you choose Orderchamp as B2B sales channel?

"To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. But after being well informed as a brand on the platform and in your webinars, I was persuaded and thought: "Let's give it a try!". To my surprise, I already received an order on the second day! That is of course very nice, and so far we are more than satisfied. We go the fastest in Belgium. Besides that, there are no more fairs now, especially in the autumn. A platform like Orderchamp offers a great solution for that!

How are the categories and collections structured?

"Within the assortment we have several facets. We are active in the following categories, which you can also purchase on Orderchamp:

We touch many types of retailers through these multiple product categories. Nowadays Blomus products can be found in interior design shops, gift shops, lamp shops, design shops, cooking shops and tableware shops. We release a collection twice a year, in spring and autumn. Spring is the largest collection with us."

How did the Outdoor collection come about?

"Actually, by chance! Our designer Charlotte has a large network of designers. Charlotte hired a very cool product design duo from Germany; Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider from Studio kaschkasch. She first designed a lamp for outdoors together with them. This was soon followed by torches, which we still have in our assortment today. Then the men from Studio kaschkasch came up with the idea for outdoor lounge furniture. These do very well and are regularly sold out! The sunbeds especially. The nice thing is that these are completely water and weather resistant. When you come out of the pool, you can just lie down on them, you can throw a drink over them and there are no stains".

Retailer and interest in the products of Blomus for your (web)shop? Then visit the brand now on Orderchamp! Stay informed about new collections and products by following the brand. It is also possible to chat directly with the brand. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the special inspiration page of Blomus here.

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