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This Friday is World Environment Day! Did you know that we have a lot of sustainable brands on our wholesale marketplace? To inspire you, today in our Behind the Brand blog we share the story of Sober; a sustainable skincare brand from Berlin. In this blog we'll tell you more about the brand, why it's good for people and the planet and we'll show you some our favourites within the product range. Curious? Continue reading!

Sober in short: affordable skincare products with a timeless design, which have a positive effect on the skin and also contribute to people and the planet.

Orderchamp tip: In addition to a responsible choice, the care products of Sober ideal as a Father's Day gift! So buy now and inspire your customers with the cool daddy's care products.

Shaving brush

Anti-aging Serum

About the brand

Sober was founded in 2017 by Philipp Roth and Simon Schier. Driven by the search for excellent care for their own skin, the men started their own research and development into effective products. From the outset, the vision was to develop fair and effective care products for modern men. But in order to continue to meet their own high standards in order to be able to influence the entire development process, the men deliver quality; everything is done in Germany. For example, the cosmetics and perfumes are manufactured in family businesses in southern Germany and the accessories are handmade locally in factories in Berlin. The bottles of the perfumes are taken from one of the world's oldest glass factories, which was founded in Bavaria in 1622 and is still a family business. The development of the recipes and the design of the products also takes place in Berlin.

Makers Simon and Philipp

Good for people, animals and environment

Wondering how Sober contribute to a better world? You can read in which areas they all do sustainable business below!

The men of Sober are of the opinion that personal care products go beyond just their positive effects. That's why they fit the Clean Care philosophy please. All ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans, as well as substances that endanger water and are not biodegradable, are hereby omitted. The men even test their products on friends, not on animals. In addition, they support Peta's "Beauty without Bunnys" initiative, which confirms that the products free of animal testing are. The brand therefore does not sell their products to countries that require animal testing to prove that they are harmless.

The shipments of Sober are completely plastic-free. The shipping boxes are made of FSC-certified, recycled corrugated cardboard. In addition, they only use recyclable materials to secure and upholster the products during shipping. The shipping of the parcels is always CO2-neutral.

In addition to offsetting CO2 emissions, Sober plants a tree for every product they sell, giving them more back to the earth than they've extracted from it. This means that Sober as a company is not only climate positive because of the extra binding of co2 in forested forests, but also supports local communities in their lives.

Sober stands for the value of good design. They follow the path of responsible, ecological and conscious design in all their products.

Learn more about the brand, vision and sustainability of Sober? You read it in the biography in the storefront on Orderchamp!




At Orderchamp the assortment consists of 18 products. These can be found in different categories, namely; Bags, Bath & Body, Her and Skincare. Our personal favorites are the perfumesthe shaving products and gift boxes.

"Our Clean Care philosophy means we focus on the essentials. The volume applied during daily skincare is small and spread over a large area. We therefore consciously concentrate on a few ingredients that have been proven to be effective".


In the category Bath & Body you'll find three different perfumes; Thorium, Krypton and Mercury. The perfumes all have their own character or

Mercury is a composition for men who are militantly ambitious to find their own way: in this perfume ecstasy clashes with sensuality. Mercury is a fresh yet woody fragrance that manifests the irresistible essence of the male and athletic winner.

Krypton stands for a night full of promises that will never end. Intense, irresistible and mysterious define this perfume. A fragrance for men full of daring sensuality and refined elegance. In a world of night with shadow and light, it is both seduction and seduction with its stimulating masculine scent.

Thorium is a distinctive expression of masculinity and freedom. The aromatic woody fragrance with amber grey gives a powerful yet fascinating composition. Cedarwood gives the fragrance a rough masculine sensuality, while the musky woody tones give elegance and depth to the stylish city person.



Gift boxes

The brand has three gift boxes; the Essentials Face Kitthe Purity Face Kit and Shave Wet Grooming Kit. Especially the Shave Wet Grooming Ki makes a great Father's Day gift! The gift box contains a black stainless steel razor, the Silvertip Fibre aluminum shaving brush and a soothing aftershave against razor burn, impurities and skin irritations. The package is equipped with 3 luxury products for shaving and aftercare: it's an ideal way to introduce the care line. So for those who have not yet equipped their store with products for Father's Day, check out Sober's gift boxes.

Shave Wet Grooming Kit

Shave Wet Grooming Kit Content

Facial care

In Sober's facial care line, you'll find everything the man needs to be good for the day. On Orderchamp you will find the Hydra Defence Cream, it Timeshift Anti-Aging Serum, After Shave Repair Fluid and Gentle Facial Cleanser. The products come in different textures and are suitable for all skin types.

Read all about the effect of these products and the ingredients in the product description!



Good to know: The products of Sober do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, silicones, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours and many other contaminants.

Already a fan of Sober and curious about all the products for your (web)shop? Check out the brand on Orderchamp now! Looking for more sustainable brands? Filter the product categories on the value "Sustainability". This way you can easily see which brands and products fall under this value!

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