Useful tips & tricks to become even more visible on our online wholesale marketplace.

At Orderchamp we strive to make purchasing and selling for our retailers and brands as easy and enjoyable as possible. Therefore, we are constantly working to add new features to the platform, which will benefit both parties. In a previous blog we already gave 5 other tips for your storefront to sell more on Orderchamp. Since then we have added or updated a number of new features. Curious? Then read on!

1. Categorization

You probably are already familiar with this, you need to properly categorize your products at Orderchamp. It is important to take into account that there is a difference between a category, sub-category and sub-sub-category. We advise our brands to categorise as deeply as possible. In this support article Read how to choose a suitable category! Haven't you done this yet? Don't worry, we have set this automatically for our brands and products. Please check manually if this is correct and adjust if necessary. This way, your brand and products will be best found by retailers!

Did you know? We have added the following new sub(-sub)categories to the platform:

  • Sub: Face Masks (in the category Health & Beauty)
  • Sub: Books (in the category Stationery)
  • Sub-sub: Wall lamps (in the category Lighting)
  • Sub-sub: Friendship (in the subcategory Cards)
  • Sub-sub: Love (in the subcategory Cards)

2. Updated filter options

In addition to expanding our filtering capabilities, we have also given it a new place on the marketplace. Filters are now visible on the left side of the marketplace in the overview, as well as in the menu on the homepage. In this way, retailers can now tick more often and more specifically their wishes. Retailers can now filter by:

  • Values
  • Delivery time
  • Minimum order value
  • New Products
  • New Brands
  • Discounts

Tip: you can also indicate the country where the product is made. Soon there will also be a filter for this.

At Orderchamp we assume that you have the right labels on your product. Orderchamp makes regular checks and can disconnect your products from these labels. So don't abuse them.

Read here how to adapt the country of origin and core values of products, among other things.

3. Collections

Did you already know that on Orderchamp you can create collections ? Within your storefront, it's important that retailers can easily find what you're offering. By putting together your own collections, you can group products that belong together or give extra attention to a certain selection. This makes navigating your storefront a lot easier, increasing your conversion rate. Below are a number of suggestions for collections:

  • Themese.g. Father's Day, Summer, Back to School
  • Seasonal collectionssummer, autumn, winter
  • Stylese.g. industrial, rural, kitsch
  • Complimentary productse.g. scissors, pencil and pencil case
  • Gift packages
  • Existing collections within your product range, such as the example of BergHOFF below

You can read exactly how to create collections in our Knowledge Base.

In the left menu you see the collections of BergHOFF

4. Favorites in the back office

Did you already know that you can now see which of your products are marked as favorite by our retailers? As brands, you will get insight into which products are the most popular.

Tip: Based on this, as a brand you could for example create a collection with "popular products" or "trending", as is often done with B2C. You can then regularly adjust these based on the favorite products in that period.

5. Promotional tools Orderchamp

Every day we take many of our brands with us in blogs, email campaigns and social media (a.o. via Instagram and Facebook). We like to inspire our retailers with great brands and unique products. We try to include as many brands as possible in our campaigns and in all communication. Do you have the feeling that you have not been mentioned yet or have been mentioned little? Feel free to send us an email, and together we'll see what we can do for each other or where we can find a hook.

Any questions after the above tips? Then take a look at our Knowledge Base in which we explain everything step by step, or send an e-mail to [email protected] In addition, we recently gave a webinar with 10 tips to sell more on Orderchamp. Want to look back? Watch the video below!

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