Unique bohemian products made from natural materials

Bazar Bizar invites you on a far journey to the dancing islands, ancient traditions and the heavenly beaches of Indonesia. The Belgian brand was born out of a lifelong passion for travel and creates original pieces made from environmentally friendly materials. The extensive collection includes woven rugs, rattan lamps, hand-woven cushions, ceramics, wooden chairs and many other interior and fashion items. They are carefully selected products that embody originality, quality, innovation and craftsmanship. With Bazar Bizar your client brings Balinese culture into your home.!

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The story behind the brand

The people behind Bazar Bizar are Pascale Pelsmaekers and Eddy Roothaert. While the owner Pascale takes care of the creative side of the business and is also the public 'face' of the label, her husband Eddy takes care of the logistics side.

As a world traveller, the couple had seen many sights, but Indonesia really felt like home to them. They fell in love with the country, the Balinese culture, the traditional craftsmanship, the people - and of course the boho vibes. So they came up with the idea to launch a webshop for unique furniture and original decorative items, made by Balinese housewives. Each item is unique and has its own story.

From this, Bazar Bizar emerged, a label in which they present their own collections of high-quality and luxurious decorative elements and home accessories. Four to five times a year the couple travels to Indonesia, where they already have a team of several Balinese employees.

All items are manufactured in a sustainable way and by hand. Moreover, it is a means to support the local Balinese economy! How cool is that? Because Pascale and Eddy take care of the entire production process themselves, they are also in control: from production to delivery. They pay special attention to good working conditions, high-quality workmanship and guarantee a fair wage for their employees.

All in all, this means that everything Bazar Bizar offers is natural, handmade and ethical. These are the values with which they score on Orderchamp.

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At Orderchamp we love this brand because it has a wide range of products, ideal to equip your stores with. What's nice about Bazar Bizar is that you can find their products in almost every category on our site! The brand has all kinds of unique products for indoors and outdoors such as: Cushions & Plaids, Candles, Lighting, Wall Art, Home decoration and Garden & Plants. The brand has an extensive product range and has also made a distinction in various collections. If you are a fan of a bohemian and exotic atmosphere, let yourself be inspired by the collections below. So read on!


Bazar Bizar has created several collections, including The Raffia Summer Collection where you will find a multitude of products such as cushions, made of natural materials and handmade. You will find the products in different sizes and colors, the choice is yours! You will also find different carpets, which can be placed inside or outside.

Given the nice weather, we recommend that you Outdoor summer collection check it out! The collection gives a real holiday atmosphere with summer furniture for the garden, balcony or roof terrace. The chairs and sofas are made of Teak, a type of wood originally from Southeast Asia, but the teak tree is now widely planted in the tropics. As a result, there are large differences in colour, weight, hardness and so on. Customers can therefore expect a variation in tone, veins, grain pattern, leaching, cracks and knots. This is part of the natural character and beauty of this product!

In the collection Mirror Mirror on the wall you'll find about twenty different mirrors, in a bohemian and exotic spirit. These mirrors fit in both indoor and outdoor decoration. The mirrors are surrounded by beautiful works of art. Mirrors do not have to be boring, because with the stylish mirrors of Bazar Bizar your client gets something special. Besides bohemian and exotic, there are also mirrors that are perfect for a house on the coast. Discover for example the Papua mirror with shells!

Lighting gives atmosphere! In the lamp collection of the brand you will discover many types of lamps in multiple shapes made of natural materials. Frequently used materials in the lamps are for example rattan and grass. Each piece is unique and different! This imperfection makes each lamp of Bazar Bizarre own.

Finally, the brand has numerous home decorations that your clients will love. Combine different handmade products with each other or go for the different sets! The sets consist of complimentary products to make it easier for your customers to make product combinations. All collections match each other because of the dominant bohemian style and neutral colors. In addition, the products have a story and is fun for the customer to tell his or her guests! Feel free to take a look at the home decoration category, for even more choices and inspiration! Each product is unique and special.

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Interested in one of the above products? You can order without a minimum order value and a delivery within 1-3 working days! Discover all categories of Bazar Bizar now on Orderchamp! Lots of shopping fun ;).

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