With these tips you can easily discover inspiring brands and unique products on our online wholesale website

With more than 9,000 retailers, Orderchamp is working every day to make online shopping as user-friendly as possible. By means of smart algorithms we try to show brands and products that are interesting for your type of (web) shop. In addition, there are a lot of features built into the platform that make browsing easier for you as a retailer. Curious? In this blog we present the tools and briefly explain how this works. So read on and get started right away!


  1. Follow your favourite brands
  2. Chat directly with brands
  3. Save your favourite products
  4. Filter options
    - At minimum order value
    - On values
    - At discount
  5. Cross-category selling

1. Follow your favourite brands

Do you see a cool brand pass by while browsing that you'd like to keep an eye on? This can now easily be done on our platform. We have a "follow" function installed that allows you to inspirational brands can follow. This keeps you informed of new collections and products by notifications you receive from us via e-mail. An overview of which brands you are following can be found in your account under the heading "Brands”.

2. Chat directly with brands

We have made it possible for retailers and brands to use Orderchamp to communicate directly with each other. chat. The chat is an easy way for retailers to steal questions directly from certain brands. You can ask for product specifications or personal advice. In addition, it can be a good way to directly resolve any problems that occur during the order process. Once the conversation has started, you will find the chat in your profile at 'Inbox‘.  

3. Save your favourite products

It will amaze you how many inspiring brands offer unique products at Orderchamp. Can't you see the wood for the trees anymore? And would you like to look back and judge your selections later on? We have a solution for that too. With the built-in "Favorite"function allows you to save your favorite products from multiple brands. This is done by marking each product with the heart. This can then be found in your account under the heading '.Favorites‘. This way you can make an informed decision. Then shop later for the products you want to purchase for your type of (web)shop.

At each storefront you will find the chat and follow opportunity. See the image below with the storefront of one of our brands. With the products you see that the middle product is ticked with the heart and thus a favorite has become.

You'll find your (chat) inbox, (entourage) Brands and favorites (products) all back on your account. You can do this by clicking on the doll in the top right corner of the webpage. You will be taken to the screen below.

4. Filter options

We are constantly working to make the platform as user-friendly as possible for our retailers. Adding filtering capabilities to the platform is one of them. With this new tool, our retailers can easily filter properties that they find important when purchasing products. Whether this concerns a discounted product, specific value, minimum order value or just the latest productsAll this can now be done in the left menu bar! Below you can read more about the different options.

At minimum order value

On Orderchamp we give you the possibility to set two minimum order values: one for the first order and one for subsequent orders. If you have never ordered from the brand before, the minimum order value for the first order will apply. Have you already ordered from the brand before? Then the minimum order value may be higher this time, depending on what the brand has set.

At every storefront is clearly indicated what the minimum order value is. This is just below the storefront name and at the top of your shopping cart when you start ordering. See the screen below. 

Minimum order values vary per storefront. We always advise brands to low possible so that you can place a smaller order first to view the product and possibly come back later for a larger order. On the Orderchamp homepage you will also find a section with 'Low minimum order valueswhere we highlight brands that have a minimum order value of €50 or less. You can also filter by category on the minimum order value of your choice.

On values

At Orderchamp we only allow brands with a story. This makes the platform distinctive. Moreover, we know that many of our retailers value values when buying products. That is why we have made it easy for our retailers to discover products based on values that match their own store DNA and the wishes of their customers. The following values can be ticked by retailers per category on Orderchamp:

Simply select the values you think are important for each category. You can already do this on the homepage. In the image below you can see where you can find this.

On discounts

Our brands can be of different types discount for (individual) products, for example around Black Friday, old collections or to welcome you as a new retailer. You can discover all discounted products by filtering by category or brand in question.

Please note: there is always one discount at a time and that's the highest!

In the image below you can see the subcategories of the category you are in in the left menu bar. Below you can filter by new products or discountsdepleted values, order values and delivery time that you prefer.

In the left menu bar you see filters, values, minimum order value and delivery time

5. Cross-category selling

Cross-category selling consists of offering various complementary products from other categories to your customers. These are new products that you as a retailer can add to your current assortment. The purpose of this is to provide your customers and inspire with products that Optimize or strengthen initial purchase. As a bookstore, for example, you could sell candy in addition to notebooks, pens and books. Candy is often eaten while learning or studying. Or do you have a beauty salon? Then you can add supplements, fun bracelets or hair accessories to your range of beauty products. Depending on your type of store, you can find ways to expand your product categories.

We often see that our retailers find this exciting, while adding extra categories can bring many benefits. This gives you, as a retailer, an odistinct advantage above your competition. If you offer more product categories, this makes it much more interesting for your customer to visit your (web)shop.

Browse through the multiple (sub)categories on Orderchamp. Dare to offer a new product that might be attractive for your (online) shop visitors. Even better: ask which products your customers like via social media or e-mail, for example. Do you have a physical store? Talk to your customers in particular.

Would you like to know more about the advantages of purchasing via Orderchamp? Take a look at our purchase page and see what Orderchamp can do for you as a retailer. Any more questions? Feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us on +31 20 308 0808.

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