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Do you know the Amsterdam brand Wooden Amsterdam Already? In an earlier blog we mentioned all their trendy products for the ideal home officeIn addition, the brand sells many original home decorations, gifts and gadgets on Orderchamp. But who is behind the concept of these stylish wooden products? Curious about the story and our personal favorites? Then read on!

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About the brand

Wooden Amsterdam is a family business founded over 4 years ago. The story began in 2016, when Wieger and his father Hans found out that they wanted to do more with their shared passion for sustainable wooden products. Not long after that Wooden Amsterdam a fact and soon daughter Meike joined the team. And with a little help from the mother here and there, the whole family is now part of the company.

Each family member has his/her specialties. Wieger is the entrepreneur of the family and the specialist in the field of online marketing. Hans is more traditional and is the charming representative. Meike is the expert on sustainability and nature and loves to write about it. Together with a team of marketers, the family forms a strong team and share a passion for beautiful wooden products.

"We combine nature with design by carefully choosing sustainably produced wooden products.” - according to the family.

Hans, Meike and Wieger van Wooden Amsterdam

Product range

Besides that the brand's obvious value Dutch Design contains, it also scores on the values Handmade and Sustainable. On the store front of Wooden Amsterdam at Orderchamp you will see on the left the different categories in which you can find the wooden products. The offer is very varied, so take a look at a subcategory that is relevant to your type of (web)shop! Discover for example the categories Lighting, Wall Art, Home decoration and Office supplies.

In addition, the brand has created several collections. Curious about our personal favorites? Be inspired by the following collections!

The coolest gadgets with Oakywood

Everything for the laptop, headphones, smartphone and even smartwatch can be found in the Oakywood collection! This collection makes every tech-lover greedy. From handmade (double) charging stations and headphones- and laptop holdersthese are the unique products that we at Orderchamp love! In addition, the monitor standards your client to adopt a good attitude on a daily basis. Especially during long working days, this is important.

Amsterdam classics with Wooden Amsterdam

Souvenirs don't have to be standard! Go for souvenirs that your customers will love. The truly Amsterdam typical products can be found in the Wooden Amsterdam collection! With this wooden map of the world, drinks board in the shape of an Amsterdammertje and detailed key fob brings your client Amsterdam in style. This collection is also very suitable for housewarming gifts.

Anything for men with TWO O

Finding original gifts for men can be a challenge for many women. The standard scent or pair of socks is fun the first time, but at some point your client wants to be able to give his or her friend or brother something new. Make it easy for them and advise them on a product from the TWO O collection of Wooden Amsterdam. Here you will find cool fashion accessories for men. This one cufflinks, watches, bow ties and hats are the ideal (birthday) gifts!

Floating lighting with FLYTE

The right one lighting creates the atmosphere in every home. Especially in this homeworking period it is important to have a lamp that inspires your customer and stimulates creativity. This is best done with the futuristic lamps from the FLYTE collection. The secret of this eye-catcher? Magnets make the lamps float! The lamp comes with bulb.

Interested in one of the above products? You can order at a minimum order value of €50.00. Order now and benefit from a free delivery within 1-3 working days! Discover all innovative wooden products from Wooden Amsterdam now on Orderchamp! Lots of shopping fun ;).

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