Protect your store staff from the coronavirus

Most shops are slowly but surely opening their doors again, or have remained open all this time and are starting to receive more customers again. Because of the increasing hustle and bustle in the high streets it is important that retailers remain protected against the coronavirus. After all, retail is a contact profession. In view of our international position as an online wholesaler with brands and retailers from countries such as Germany, Belgium and France, where wearing a mouth shield is already (partly) a problem. mandatory is, we feel obliged to support our retailers in this. It can be difficult to obtain mouthpieces and that is why we help our retailers through 3,000 mouthpieces. free to be made available. Read in this blog what this initiative exactly means.

All our retailers and brands have felt, to a greater or lesser extent, the impact of the past 2 months. Many retailers are struggling with lost sales and are yearning for the end of the lockdown(s). The outflow of store visitors also has a direct effect on the brands, which logically sell less. We do everything we can to help them where we can.

With an expected increasing number of store visitors in the short term, it is important that retail staff remain protected against the corona virus. That is why Orderchamp has been able to obtain 3,000 mouthpieces, which can be distributed among our retailers. Fulfilment partner Montapacking works together with Orderchamp on this initiative and takes care of the shipment.

How does it work exactly?

Every retailer with a physical shop affiliated with Orderchamp will be given the choice to receive 2 free mouthpieces when ordering above €200,- in the checkout. The mouthpieces are shipped separately and shipped within 5 working days by our partner Montapacking. Not sure if you are going to need the mouthpieces? Then make no use the option and provide more options for your fellow retailers. This initiative is valid as long as stocks last.

Mouth caps type

The mouthpieces we provide are not official care mouthpieces. They are intended for hard-working care personnel; we have to protect them at all costs. They are mouthpieces intended for public life, such as in shops or on public transport. Mind you, we are still forced to keep a distance of 1.5m. as prescribed by RIVMBecause a non-medical mouth shield only provides limited protection, it cannot be a substitute for keeping others at a distance, hygiene measures and the (home) isolation of people with health problems.

In addition to wearing mouth caps, there are other precautions you can take as a retailer. Below are some important tips when opening a physical store. In our previous blog post we'll explain it in more detail.

  1. Place disinfectant gel at the entrance
  2. Display safety regulations clearly
  3. Make sure your shop is cleaned properly
  4. Apply (smart) markings on the shop floor
  5. Schedule store appointments with your customers
  6. Delivery (the self)
  7. Digitize where possible!

Offer of trendy mouth masks at Orderchamp

We are discussing with some of our brands how we can facilitate the sourcing of 'trendy mouth masks' to our retailers so that they can resell them to consumers. In this way we optimise the logistics chain and together we contribute to better protection of society. We will try to control the supply of these mouth masks as much as possible in order to create a 'fair' and safe assortment (fair price, correct safety regulations), but we also ask for the cooperation of the entire community.

Due to the fact that wearing mouthpieces is mandatory or recommended by local authorities in several countries, we expect a growing demand among our users. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Then take Contact with us. We'll keep you posted. spoke to Joost Brugmans, CEO Orderchamp, about the action. Read the extensive interview here.

* DisclaimerAttention! The mouth caps are available while stocks last. Wearing mouth caps is not fully protective. The RIVM states: "Because a non-medical mouthguard provides only limited protection, it cannot replace keeping others at a distance, hygiene measures and the (home) isolation of people with health problems..” Orderchamp cannot be held liable for the health of the shop staff or any other individual using the mouth caps obtained through Orderchamp marketplace. If you have any further questions about this initiative or the mouth caps, please contact us via our help center.

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