More and more stores are opening their doors, of course whilst taking the appropriate security measures. Therefore, many physical retailers come up with (creative) solutions to ensure the 1.5m economy in their store. In this blog, we give 8 essential tips to retailers to ensure the safety of their staff and customers when shopping. You can continue to sell safely!

1. But first, wash your hands!

It mag seem quite obvious at the moment, but many people still forget this important first step. Whether it's your staff or store visitors, washing hands several times a day is an inescapable rule. At the entrance of your store, we recommend placing bottles of disinfectant and/or disposable gloves. Do put a trash can here, the plastic gloves should of course not harm the environment by being thrown away on the street. To make it attractive, you can pour the disinfecting gel into a nice soap dispenser. Be creative!

2. Display safety instructions

First of all, indicate the maximum number of customers that can be in your shop at the same time. Hang your rules on the outside of the shop and repeat them again inside the shop. Do this especially at strategic places such as near the fitting rooms, entrance and other specific sections in your store. Again, we advise you to make these signs your own in a creative way. Determine a background colour and font that suits your type of shop. You can easily design these posters yourself in for example Canva. Need some inspiration? On Pinterest the "Wash Your Hands" posters are a real trend!

3. A clean shop is a safe shop

Before you open it is important that your shop is clean and tidy. This makes it more attractive for customers to enter your shop. Start by cleaning up all the places that people touch and use, such as the doors, the handles, the shopping baskets, the fitting rooms, the ATMs etc. According to a recent article on the best disinfectant cleaners in 2020, the most recommended brands appear to be Purell, Lysol and Clorox.

4. Wear a mouth cap

In everyday life, mouth masks are highly recommended and even mandatory in some countries. Behave like a responsible shop owner and provide a mask for your staff. Your employees will feel safer moving around in the store and have more fun working. In addition, it will radiate a responsible image to shop visitors. If possible, try handing out masks to your customers upon entry. For both you can easily make your own fabric mouth caps with needle and thread. Be original and give it a color or put your brand name or logo on it. There are many tutorials on YouTube to find to make these masks and it's relatively quick! Some of our brands have already started selling standard and trendy (washable) mouth masks on our platform, you can find them in the search engine results on mouth mask and mouth cap.

5. Tags

Guarantee the social distance for the general safety of everyone. When you (re)open your store, try to limit the number of people in the store as much as possible and make sure that customers and employees all respect the necessary distances. Place markings on the ground or install a ''customer traffic light'', for example, which will encourage your customers to respect the new measures. Use arrows to indicate the route your customers should take. Do this smartly and make the inflow and outflow process as favourable as possible so that customers can see your entire range during their walk.

6. Shopping by appointment

Work as much as possible by appointment, so that customer contacts can be dosed. Organize these store appointments with your customers. You can invite them to come by appointment by displaying this at the entrance of your store. Another way is to use social media to call your customers to schedule store appointments with you. Ask your customers to send you a private message or email with the desired time of day and keep a calendar of which customer is coming when. There are also useful applications such as Timify and Shedul where your customers can choose a time slot to shop in your store. Via these applications, they simply receive a QR code which they can download via their smartphone and all they have to do is scan it at the entrance of the store. They will greatly appreciate this personal experience. On the other hand, you will benefit from a better customer relationship and you will be able to ask for real-time feedback on products and collections.

7. Delivery (the self)

Your customers don't like to come to the store, despite the efforts you've made, do they? Then offer your customers a delivery service! Sending a parcel seems simple, but there are many things to take into account. In addition, the packaging of the order is your business card! So pay enough attention to the logistics process. Your customer prefers to order via the webshop or social media and expects a fast delivery. Usually parcels are picked up at the post office at the end of the day and delivered to your customer the next day. Don't you want to go to the post office every day or sign a permanent contract? You can also easily arrange the shipment of parcels online! This can be done for example via PostNL or DHL.

Does your customer live close to your shop? Deliver the package yourself! Please note: deliver the (online) orders to the front door, do not enter and again keep an appropriate distance.

8. Finally: digitize where possible

Through websites and social media you can keep your customers informed about the progress of your store. If you still don't have an online store, it's time to get started! Make one or use the one you already have, and make it as pleasant and practical as possible for your customers. Place all your products on the website and offer a clear description of the products, use nice product pictures, describe the material and/or dimensions. This process invites your customers to browse your platform and make their virtual purchases. There are two options: first, they have the possibility to buy on your site, or second, they can place an order on your website and pay and pick up the product from the physical store. In a previous blog we explained how you can start your webshop for free and easily. Read more about our Lightspeed Deal. It's only together that we can get the virus under control.

Tip: read it Protocol Responsible Shopping. Would you like to know more about safety measures for your industry? Download here different protocol checklists.

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