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Five years ago, Juul Evers, the co-owner of Juulry, her first set of jewelry for her own line. What started as a dream grew into a successful brand. Discover her story and the different jewelry in this blog!

The story behind Juulry

Maker Juul was inspired by the different journeys she made around the world. Each country has its own culture and style that fascinated Juul. This inspired her to create various collections. The brand grew further through her ideas, fantasies and inspirations that she turned into designs. Because of all the positive feedback she received on the jewelry, Juul expanded the clientele by selling products to local Amsterdam markets. In addition to these markets is Juulry also got bigger outside Amsterdam. Now they have outlets such as Collektiv in The Hague, Blur in Amersfoort, Wen in Amsterdam and much more. They now even have their own store in the center of Amsterdam! It was a great challenge, but Juul dreams came true.

“Seize the day and immerse yourself in beautiful jewelry! ' - Juul Evers, founder Juulry.


The jewelry of Juulry come in different styles. In all these styles there is an extensive range available on Orderchamp! The jewelry can be found in the subcategories Earrings, Chains and Rings on Orderchamp. In addition to jewelry with geometric shapes or minimalist appearance, Juulry also a special one India Collection. You can recognize these by the characteristic gemstones in several striking colors. Among the other simplistic jewelry, these necklaces, earrings and rings are distinctive and playful.


The chains by the brand Juulry are lovingly made of brass and are available in silver, gold plated or rose gold. There is a suitable collection for every type of (web) store, so discover the different styles. For example, are you interested in minimalist necklaces? Then go for the different sleek shapes, such as circles, squares and triangular designs. Or do your customers love Boho items or do you want to prepare your (web) store for the summer? Then take a look at the chains with shells or starfish.


The earrings again come in gold plated, rose gold and silver and have a base of 925 sterling silver. The earrings come in a beautiful cotton bag. In this subcategory you will find no less than 10 pages of buttons, earrings and other pendants. Advise your customers to Mix & Match the earrings, putting in several earrings is also called "earcandy". The Juulry collection is perfect for this.


To complete the look you will find an extensive one rings category of Juulry. This way your customer can create a complete look, by maintaining one style or combining several. Stacking multiple rings is also very popular. Juulry's minimalist rings lend themselves best to stacking, like the gold pair below. Another classic is the second image, the well-known Cartier look-a-like. This ring has several rose gold rings twisted together. All rings are available in different sizes.

Interested in the special jewelry of Juulry for your (web) store? You can order on Orderchamp with a minimum order value of € 250.00. Want to stay informed about new products and collections? follow Juulry than on Orderchamp! More questions? Simply contact directly Juulry via the chat function.

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