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In addition to that mothers Day is coming, we can all use some extra positivity in this day and age! Do you know the Dutch? Stationary brand Lief Leven and the inspiring cards and gifts already? This week in Behind the Brand we will tell you more about this special brand and discover our favorites. Enjoy reading!

The story behind Lief Leven

Founders Julie and Nanne have been friends since the age of four. Nanne started writing small poems in 2014 and shared them on her Instagram profile. Soon more people discovered her page with beautiful handwritten poems. This resulted in many sweet reactions, such as personal stories, experiences and themes that people thought were important. The ladies came up with the idea to bundle these personal stories and incorporate them into poems. That is how Lief Leven was created. Meanwhile, Lief Leven's Instagram account is extremely popular, with more than 200,000 followers who read the poems and aphorisms of Julie and Nanne every day.

In addition to cards, the ladies have come up with many creative ways to display the texts, from mini posters in the house to bags and jewelry. The ladies are aware that cards and some gifts consume a lot of paper and ink. That is why the ladies use FSC paper and organic ink. In addition, part of their turnover is donated to Trees for All, an organization that provides more trees and forest worldwide. With Lief Leven, the ladies contribute by being kind to each other and our planet.

From the lessons of our lives we want to reach out to other people, on the way to a Sweet Life. Be kind to yourself, others and the world around us.-Makers Julie and Nanne.

Founders Nanne and Julie


First of all, take a look at where it all started; the many cards of Lief Leven. There is a matching ticket for every type of occasion and type of consumer. You view it in the category Cards. Discover the wedding cards, maternity cards for newborn babies, birthdayscards, funny cards or just the supportive condolence cards on Orderchamp. The high quality cards contain FSC paper and organic ink.


As we already in one previous blog Mother's Day is upon us! Lief Leven has of course created a special collection for this on Orderchamp! In the collection ”Mom dayYou can easily see all Mother's Day poems and aphorisms depicted in various gifts. At Orderchamp we are fans of this original serving board with text for Mama: "You serve love for breakfast".

Other gifts

Discover one of the many other subcategories in which you can find Lief Leven items. For example, consider the subcategory Bags with nice canvas bags printed with poems. Or go for it Dining and see the wooden coasters with text that makes coffee moments in the morning that little bit more special.

At the subcategory Other Accessories you will discover 3 colorful key rings, which your customer can give as a gift to his or her favorite person. It can be difficult for your customer to choose from all these uplifting products! And given the many choices within the above category Cards, often several are purchased at the same time. In this case, we recommend this wooden card stand! This way, your customers can beautifully display the cards at home.

In short: with the cards and gifts from Lief Leven you contribute to a more positive world. We at Orderchamp think that your customers will love this. Lief Leven is a responsible addition to bookstores, children's shops and gift shops. The minimum order value of Lief Leven is € 100.00. All shipments are free and you will receive it within 3-6 days. See more? View the storefront of Lief Leven on Orderchamp and start shopping.

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