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mothers Day is just around the corner! And it is precisely at this time that all mothers deserve a present more than ever as a token of appreciation. Among the wide range of products on Orderchamp there are many inspiring brands with mothers Day find gifts that you can buy online. You can read it in our blog!

Gift tip 1. An original message

Did you know that many brands have added a special Mother's Day collection to their storefront? This also applies to the family business Paper Art in cards and gifts. The brand has created a collection especially for Mother's Day! This way you will quickly find all the products that Paper Art has for the day. At Orderchamp we are a fan of these greeting cards and wish boxes with ”Thank You” . Paper Art is available for both the Dutch and Belgian market.

Message in a Bottle is also an original way to surprise a mom. Discover the brand for this Birambi with various gifts for special occasions. For Mother's Day, the filled bottles with, for example, the Dear mom i love you 'message, a mini muffin mix or chain with message a good choice.

To continue on original presentations of cards; inspire your customers with this Memory Shelf by the brand By Romi Creative Studio. The Memory Shelf is delivered including the card. Discover more of this brand and suitable Mother's Day gifts such as this photo card pendant (see bottom right), a "You are worth gold" mug or tasty candy jar with message which the customer can fill himself.

Gift tip 2. A notebook

Mommies take notes of everything. Whether this is a shopping list or to leave a sweet message to his / her partner, son or daughter. A notebook is therefore a beautiful gift. In a minimalist and assertive style, we recommend the brand Essentialiving On. You will find the notebooks in different calm tones (see top left). Discover more brands? View our subcategory Notebooks for more different styles.

Gift tip 3. Sunglasses with cord

During these ever sunny days is one sunglasses a perfect gift for mothers. On Orderchamp you will find at Glasses an extensive range sunglasses in different styles. Take a look at the trendy sunglasses with strengths of Croon Concepts. There is the brand for the diva mama Jozemiek with large glasses and cool prints.

You can make a nice product combination by offering your customers matching (sunglasses) accessories! Glasses cords are completely on-trend. At Orderchamp you will find the brand for this Sunny Cords. Sunny Cords are the fashionable way to not only protect glasses, but also to reduce the chance of losing them. The Sunny Cords are handmade and make an ideal Mother's Day gift.

Gift tip 4. Everything for tea

Turn a predictable gift into something unique: combine products a tea package. Mothers like to spend time at the table talking to friends or family. Take a look at the subcategories Tea, Drinking utensils and Delicacies on Orderchamp. This way you can inspire your customers by making a tea package with colorful mugs and delicious delicacies.

That is how the brand forms Tea-Pop and the soluble tea an original option! On the other hand, there is the brand Loco Lama and the original tea gift sets that you can find in Orderchamp in different colors.

A cup of tea is accompanied by a matching one mug, which you can easily find on Orderchamp in the subcategory Drinking utensils. So we advise you the mugs of Fabienne Chapot or the Completist with all kinds of cool prints.

To top it off you can add a little sweetness in the package. We have a lot at Orderchamp Delicacies for tea, such as the chocolate wishes of Liv 'n Taste. The chocolate is traditionally made with the best ingredients (UTZ certified cocoa) for a unique and honest taste!

Gift tip 5. Care

More and more brands are joining Orderchamp Beauty & Health category. Many moms increasingly prefer natural productsnot only for the kids but also for themselves. As a retailer on Orderchamp you can filter all our product categories and subcategories by values, as in this case so ”Naturally". Between the overview of natural brands you will find the skin care by the brand Derbe. Derbe has been an expert in animal testing free skin and hair care products on a natural basis for more than 50 years. Nothing beats spoiling a mama with a nice bath salt, a scrub or nourishing mask. Discover the natural care line of Nathalie Bond. For beautiful makeup on a natural basis you can contact Creative Cosmetics. Discover for example this lipstick enriched with Candelilla and Jojoba oils, which provides day-long intense hydration and protection for the lips. 

Gift tip 6. A scented candle

Scented candles are a popular Mother's Day gift every year. For example, there are many on Orderchamp scented candles to find. For example, discover the minimalistic packaging with sweet messages and confetti from Moments of Light or go for the colorful scented candle tins with texts by Lily Flame. Both brands lend themselves perfectly as Mother's Day gifts.

Gift tip 7. Jewelry

Jewelry are always safe gift options for moms. On Orderchamp you will discover many unique brands in the Jewelry category. Check out especially for Mother's Day this silver bracelet on mom card by the brand Indah's Shop. On the slightly more expensive side for the chic moms you will find the brand Just Marie Jewelery. The brand offers luxurious, stylish and modern jewelry with a rich yet playful character. The founder Marina Wilten-Kalff designs herself and has the jewelry made by hand by a goldsmith in Bali. For the jewelry, high-quality materials such as silver, gold and semi-precious stones are used.

Gift tip 8. Fashion Accessories

Discover all Fashion accessories on Orderchamp. Here you will find a lot of suitable gift ideas for moms.

Take a look at the subcategory Handbags on Orderchamp. For shopping and / or shopping is one shopper an ideal gift to give to moms. In summery atmospheres we recommend the woven bags from Discovered On. Or choose a larger size for shoppers from DutchHouseOfBrands. For cheerful summer prints such as flamingos, check out the brand Menga Trading. Also included are the bohemian bag hangers, with for example one mini dream catcher or pompom with shells.

A scarf is something many mothers wear in their own way. On Orderchamp you will find in the subcategory Scarves a lot of styles for every type of mom.

Discover the brand Palais and the scarves and bandanas with unique patterns inspired by Gucci heritage, British interiors and floral prints. Or go for a sequin effect with the scarves of Maison Babou. These beautiful scarves are fully hand embroidered with black, silver and gold pearls and sequins. A real eye catcher for moms.

Gift tip 9. Dried flowers

 Every mom likes to get a bouquet of flowers. But why give flowers that wilt? Orderchampt offers a lot (dry) flowers in the Garden & Plants category , so that mothers can enjoy their Mother's Day gift even longer. Take a look at the dried flowers of Mookstories! They are packed in such a way that they make the ultimate gift, such as these sustainable tickets with dried flowers and the text "a bouquet for you". This sustainable gift fits in a letterbox and can therefore also be perfectly used for online webshops!

Or check it out this cheerful gift box by the brand Blooming by Flinde, with several dried flowers and seeds that mothers can plant themselves. This can be an original gift for moms with green fingers.

Also take a look at the vases in the Pots category, a nice addition to a bunch of flowers or plant to complete a Mother's Day gift. Inspire your customers by displaying beautiful flowers in matching vases.

Gift tip 10. Rest a moment

Not having to do anything about the household all day long. Mothers love that. To offer moms a little more comfort, you can slippers or badcoats be a warm gift. At Orderchamp you will find within the category Fashion accessories including slippers from the Dutch brand Kingdom of Wow. These handmade wool slippers are also very suitable for the current cocooning times, which we have already written about in a previous blog. View here the different colors and sizes at Kingdom of Wow.

We advise on Orderchamp these soft bathrobes in different colors & sizes Timboo, or these minimalist linen bathrobes by the brand Linen Tales. In addition to furniture stores, this can also be a nice addition to the range for concept stores.

We hope through this blog to have inspired (web) shops with unique products for Mother's Day. Discover more products? Then please take a look at our platform! Here you will find even more suitable brands with unique gifts for moms.

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