A message from our CEO - Joost Brugmans

Undoubtedly, the next few months will be challenging for the retail industry. At Orderchamp, we've taken the appropriate measures to remain committed to our mission of empowering local communities across the globe.

We will undeniably find less consumers in our local surroundings over the coming period. Unfortunately, some retailers will have to temporarily close their stores in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. This will impact both brands and retailers alike. Please know that Orderchamp is here to support you!

While you might not be servicing as many physical customers in the short term, there are other activities you can explore to continue growing your business and return stronger than ever.

Start your online store for free!

We’ve brought together our network to find extra solutions for our users, and I’m pleased to announce that we’ve put together something incredible for our customers. Lightspeed will offer Orderchamp customers, exclusively, up to 6 months of free software to start a professional online store. The setup of your webshop will be configured by a Lightspeed partner, free of charge. Additionally, our friends at Mollie (which enable Lightspeed eCom Payments) to participate by offering the lowest payment rates in these challenging times. This means that you can get your online store up and running in no time, while benefiting from minimal operational costs. The promotion is valid until May 31, 2020 and applies to new Lightspeed customers.

Orderchamp would like to contribute to these efforts by offering our customers extra services . Our team is extremely knowledgeable in setting up and rolling out ecommerce activities, inventory management best practices, and operational improvements. We are happy to leverage our large network, and brainstorm ideas that will help you through your challenges. Simply send an e-mail to our support team, create a ticket through our help center or call us during office hours, and we'll find a solution for you. Together, we'll get through this!

Prepare for better times in a sensible way

Looking on the bright side, this situation won't last forever. At Orderchamp, we’re doing everything in our power to get our users ready for a rebound by 1) optimizing the supply-side with our brands, 2) improving the shopability of our marketplace and 3) launching some highly anticipated features, to make your comeback stronger than ever.

As physical contact must be minimized as much as possible during this period, one of the only ways for stocking up on products and selling them is through digital channels - our area of expertise. Although our team is working from home, I would like to reassure you that our marketplace is open for business and most of our brands will still be able to deliver their products. We strongly recommend that retailers reduce their inventory in order to keep as many cash reserves as possible. Please purchase in smaller quantities; our brands offer low minimum order amounts which means that you can easily place re-orders if needed.

“Only purchase the bare minimum. This might seem odd coming from us, but make sure you are able to sustain your business. Cash is king.”

By using our internal chat system, you can negotiate special terms with brands during this challenging time. If you are not ordering at this time because you are servicing less customers or because you have temporarily closed your business, you can still use our marketplace to prepare yourself for the future: You can do so by using our ''follow'' and ''favorites'' features , which allow you to seamlessly create your wishlists while discovering unique merchandise for your business.

We are stronger together

Our large community gives us insight on over 9,000 retailers and 700 brands across Europe, and we're growing this each day. We will be carrying out the following initiatives in order share valuable information with our customers: 1) we have set up an educational page that will help retailers and brands to weather the storm, 2) we’ve started preparing group webinars to help our users with new ideas (the first one will be about setting up/improving your online business), and 3) we’ve set up a community page on Facebook for our retailers, where they can share information with each other and discuss ongoing topics.

Sign up now for the first webinar (in Dutch)

On behalf of the entire Orderchamp team, we wish you success, and above all, good health during these trying times. Let's support each other as best as possible and stay positive about the future.

Take care and above all be safe,

Joost Brugmans

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