Discover 5 useful ways to sell on Orderchamp

We are happy to help our brands get the most out of Orderchamp so that they are well prepared for busier times to come. How can you optimally use Orderchamp as a brand so that you can get off to a flying start in busier times? We are here to help you; that is why we give you 5 useful tips in this blog.

1. Professional storefront

It starts with the basics: your storefront. Retailers scroll through our platform in search of the coolest brands and products. Both visually and textually, the storefront of a brand has a major influence on the buying behavior of retailers. Do you want to stand out as a brand? Then make sure your storefront has a professional look! That starts with a good one storefront photo. We recommend our brands to use their brand logo instead of a photo of a person, product or mood image. Make sure the essence of your brand is visible, a logo fits best. Retailers will also see this photo when they chat with you, which we'll get to later in this blog.

In addition to the storefront photo, your page will also receive a suitable one banner. To ensure the quality of the platform and to ensure that your storefront radiates the right atmosphere, our designers create your banner. We do this, of course, partly based on your wishes. Read here how we work exactly.

See two inspiring storefront examples of this below Heinen delft blue and DesignClaud.

In addition to the visual presentation of your brand in the storefront, it is important to you biography in order. This is the piece of text that appears on your storefront, in which you 'pitch' your brand to a retailer, as it were. It is therefore wise to write this piece of text as catchy and clear as possible, so that you are attractive and stand out. For retailers, this is the sales pitch they give to consumers, who find the story behind a brand or product increasingly important. So make sure you convey your unique brand story well, mentioning for example the history, personal details or values. This makes your brand your ownSee below the example of a good brand story of Burning candles. Below, it is clear, among other things, what they offer, by whom the brand was founded and information about the production process.

Finally, you can by creating collections keep the retailer informed on your page within your storefront and thus increase the chance that they will make a (re) purchase. Consider, for example, creating a Summer Collection or Bestsellers. read here everything about collections.

Would you like to know more about setting up your storefront? Or are you curious if your storefront needs improvement? Then read this support article or give us a call.

2. Attractive margins and minimum order quantity

At Orderchamp we recommend a minimum margin of x2. This makes it attractive for our retailers to buy from your brand. Be honest about your suggested retail prices and don't sell directly to consumers at a price lower than the suggested retail price.

In addition to attractive margins, it is also low minimum order amount conducive to the number of views on your storefront. Retailers are always looking for brands that they can “test” in their (web) store. A low minimum order amount lowers the threshold for working with your brand. It may lead to smaller orders, but in the long term you will receive more orders and new customers.

Make sure you minimal order quantity is in accordance with your minimum order amount. If you have great margins as a supplier, a great minimum order value but a high minimum order quantity (MOQ), this will negatively affect your conversion. Your MOQ must be in accordance with your store's minimum order amount.

Below you can see the storefront of Toockies through the eyes of a retailer. For example, it is immediately clear what the minimum order value is and they see in green that the margin is x2.2.

3. Invite own retailers

You are already well on your way - your B2B storefront is live and you have added your beautiful products. How do I realize orders? Among other things by you invite existing customers to order from you via Orderchamp. Remember: you don't pay commission on orders from your own retailers. Adding your own retailers helps us algorithm to link your brand to new retailers.

Through the back office you have the option to send automated emails to your retailers from Orderchamp. You can also get one personal tracking link use. You can also place this URL behind a button on your website, so that retailers immediately end up in your B2B wholesale storefront when they click on it.

To give you an idea, we'll show you the example below ByAlex Playmats. On the web shop, the brand has placed a link to their retail page on Orderchamp under the heading "contact".

You can read more about inviting your own retailers here.

4. Discounts

Retailers always benefit from more margin. Increase your conversion and make sure you always have some attractive ones discount promotions have run. How this works You can add individual discounts to products due to a particular promotion. You can then apply this discount to a selected number of retailers. Your brand will then appear with us on the ”salePage. In addition, you can also continue volume discount apply to individual products. This stimulates the retailer to purchase multiple products from you at the same time. read here how to set this up. Knowing more? Feel free to send us an email. View the example of 20% discount on one below Yummy gums welcome pack.

5. Personal contact with followers

Did you already know that retailers can do your brand? to follow on Orderchamp? If they choose to do this, they will updates for example when you receive a new product or add collection. You can also contact the retailers in the back office directly. Tip: send a nice welcome message to any retailer that follows you! You can also thank these retailers for a purchase or feedback questions about your products. For example, have they placed an order? Ask if they are satisfied with the products and use this feedback as learning for future sales! See below a nice example of how you as a brand can approach new followers and how you can thank a retailer for their purchase.

Knowing more? Here you can read all about contacting your followers.

Hi there! 

Thank you for subscribing to my marketplace!
Hopefully my collection can offer a nice addition to your (online) store.

If you have any further questions or need advice about purchasing the right products for your store, please feel free to message me any time.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,
Dear ...,  

Thank you for placing an order with us!
We hope you are happy with your products.

We are very curious about the past period and how the sales went used. If you have any feedback you would like to share, feel free to reach out to us any time.

Warm regards,

After reading these tips, do you want to know what else you can do to optimally use Orderchamp as a seller? Then do not hesitate to contact us! Of course you can always contact us knowledge center for support.

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