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Wabi-Sabi, for a perfectly imperfect life

We currently live in a society obsessed with appearance, in which it is more important to have than to be. This is partly due to the glorification of perfection reflected by the media. How to escape it? Wabi Sabi could be the antidote.

The Concept

The Japanese Wabi-Sabi is a spiritual concept that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of it. Western countries have recently been much inspired by the Japanese culture, which is furthermore implemented in the interior. Wabi-Sabi is all about harmony, authenticity and imperfection. This idea is perhaps a way of escaping our chaotic, perfection-obsessed world.

The Origins

If we were to go back to the roots of Wabi-Sabi, we must turn to the hushed and delicate universe of the Tea Ceremony many centuries ago. A time during which the Tea Ceremony was lavish, using luxurious objects, imported from china. Frustrated by so much perfection in the aesthetics of these objects, Rikyu, a very influential Japanese tea master, replaced the luxurious Chinese items with unique local craftsmanship. And the Wabi-Sabi was born.

And you, what’s your cup of Tea? For us, it’s Lemon Poppy Tea. This herb Tea grows at an altitude of 1500 meters near the Mediterranean coast and is hand-picked by local villagers. The final product has a fresh taste and gives you a natural boost due to the iron content in the herb. So, be happy and healthy, drink tea!

Drinking tea is good, but in a Lilo Ceramic cup it's so much better. The artist Liselor Hakink has created ceramic dishes, truly unique, both simple and original. Based on traditional craft techniques, Liselore creates a modern and timeless design, with superb color gradients. The Chawan series is inspired by the shape of the Japanese chawan, reminding us of the spirit of Wabi-sabi.

However, it is always good to vary your dishes. Let yourself be tempted by the elegant, timeless and minimalist design
of the products Studio or Marin Jansen. The creator of this brand is a Dutch self-producing designer, who works daily on the development of her handmade ceramic products. She likes to combine matter, tactility and color in the conception of her products.

Wabi-Sabi a concept that also finds an echo in our decoration. An interior worthy of the Wabi-Sabi is an interior
illustrated in the outline, where we showcase the imperfect beauty of craftsmanship, where natural colours take precedence over more vivid ones.

What could be better than adding a little comfort and warmth to this Wabi-Sabi decoration, simply by integrating a few candles here and there. Find inspiration through the creations of the Green tree candle. This brand evokes a zen atmosphere in the interior of your home. Also, it’s really based on discovering the scents of nature, creating peace and harmony as the Wabi-Sabi would be.

In the same spirit, you can also explore the extensive range Garden State Candle All their candles are a unique mixture of fabulous
fragrance dedicated to transporting you on an olfactory journey of tantalising perfume.

Wabi-sabi can be considered an art. The art of imperfection, the art of being yourself. Let yourself be surprised by the collection of Roxier Art and their delicate paintings. This individual creation is offering an original piece of art at an attainable price. The motto is that everyone should be able to afford real art. The original creations are personally signed by the artist and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

This concept is also much reflected in the products of Wandkraft Bohemian lifestyle, who produces wall decorations with a bohemian-influence. Both artistic and personal; a combination of colours, materials and styles, that can evoke pleasant childhood memories or awaken other deeper feelings hidden inside us.

In conclusion, Wabi-Sabi is much more than a simple trend, it is also a philosophy of life. Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. In a world where everything is spinning too fast, it is good to have the ability to slow down and soften our environment in order to find a better balance.

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