Return to Sender is dedicated to women in the poorest regions of the world by selling handmade products in her webshop - and from now on also on Orderchamp.

We are always looking for the personal stories behind our brands. Who is behind the brand? How did it start? What is the success? This week we highlight Return to Sender, a brand that uses its products for women from the poorest parts of the world. Return to Sender supports these women in the field of design, innovation, distribution and of course the sale of unique, handmade products. 

Return to Sender purchases at Orderchamp
From 2020, as a retailer you can purchase the unique products from Return to Sender for your store. The revenues of the brand go directly 'return to sender', so that you also contribute to the fight against poverty. Do you want to offer the home, kids and fashion accessories of Return to Sender in your (web) store? View here the Return to Sender store in our marketplace.

How it all started
Return to Sender was founded in 2006 by Katja Schuurman, Tessa Vos and Maarten van Huijstee. During the many journeys Katja made, she discovered that sometimes the very poorest are the people with the greatest dreams and ambitions. They do not lack willpower or talent, but opportunities and possibilities. This realization created the idea for Return to Sender: a social enterprise based on the conviction that fair trade is the engine behind sustainable development. 

“The poor do not lack the willpower or talent, but the opportunities and possibilities. This realization created the idea for Return to Sender. "

Return to Sender has now sold more than 2 million products, thereby contributing to the creation of more than 8,800 jobs worldwide.

Unique collections
Part of the success of Return to Sender is due to the special meeting of two worlds in one product. Seven Dutch top designers have joined Return to Sender; together with women from developing countries, they develop a design collection every year. The collections are always inspired on the one hand by the techniques and materials from the land of the professional women, and on the other hand by the knowledge of color and shape of the designers. This way you always have a unique product; a handmade design product with a special story.

Source: Return to Sender

Honest and sustainable for everyone
The mission of Return to Sender is to help women to build their lives with fair and sustainable trade. That starts with the production: Return to Sender cooperates with an international group of honest producers that meets the guidelines for fair trade. The profit that the company makes is invested directly in projects that contribute to sustainable development in the women's residential area. By introducing the women in this way to the Western market, they can immediately improve their living conditions (and those of their families) - and moreover learn how they can sustain this in the long term. 

Cuddly Elephant
Knitted toilet bag

Return to Sender products
What can you expect in concrete terms from Return to Sender products? Return to Sender currently offers dozens of products in the Home & Living, Fashion, Luggage & Bags, Stationery and Kids & Baby categories. In the assortment you will find, among other things, a special gift collection with universal 'giving moments' as a theme, such as a birthday, birth or marriage. Each product has its own special story and shows the role it plays in the lives of people in the countries with which Return to Sender cooperates (such as India, Peru or Kenya). 

Do the Return to Sender products fit in perfectly with your range? View the storefront for this Fashion Accessories, for this Kids & Baby and here for Home & Living.

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