This is how you respond to Valentine's Day

Behind the brand: Flow Cosmetics

1. Jewelry
Diamonds are a girl & #8217; s best friend, but with gold and precious stones you make most women happy. Because women are often very aware of their personal taste, we recommend using simple, stylish materials. A handmade set of earrings from ArteGia or a minimalistic bangle from Edel & IJdel does well anyway.

Midi Garnet Hoop Gold | ArteGia
Bangle CADIZ | Edel & IJdel

2. Scented candles
At least such a nice and thoughtful gesture is a scented candle & #8211; especially when the candle is as beautifully designed as that of WOO or ME & MATS. In this way, the candle not only spreads a nice scent throughout the house, but it also serves as a fully-fledged interior accessory. And as ME & MATS itself says: with a candle you are not going to save the world, but such a small gesture can be enormously valuable for your loved ones!

Lucky Candle Matt Green | WOO
Tin Candle & #8211; You & #8217; re Golden | ME & MATS

3. Chocolate
A little cliché, but true: chocolate is (almost) always a good gift. Certainly when it comes to a special type or taste of chocolate, such as with bars of The High Five Company. This company makes honest bean-to-bar chocolate from the finest cocoa. They purchase that cocoa from small, artisan makers and combine it with all kinds of special ingredients such as ginger, roses or pepper. Not only tasty, but also a responsible gift thanks to the fair trade production! 

Chocolate Tree Hot Chocolate Rose | The High Five Company
Chocolate Tree Mexican Stoneground | The High Five Company

4. Fine body lotion or body oil
A practical gift that both giver and recipient can enjoy: luxurious body lotion or body oil. We often tend not to spend a lot of money on care products for ourselves, so it is all the more fun to get such a luxury product as a gift. The body lotions and oils from Oliveda are enriched with olive oil, animal-free and often vegan. The beautiful glass bottles ensure that this product will not disappear in the back of the cupboard, but deserves a nice place in the bathroom.


5. If all else fails: a sweet card
In the absence of time, inspiration or budget, there is always one last option: a simple but loving card. And something so personal is of course even nicer to receive when the card has such a beautiful design as the cards from The Completist. These cards are not only fun for Valentine's Day, but actually a suitable gift for every day of the year. 

I LOVE YOU CARD | The Completist
YOU + ME CARD | The Completist

Where would you be without your staff? Because we think they deserve to be in the limelight on Valentine's Day, we will raffle a gift package with the bestsellers from this article:

Contest: why does your shop staff earn this special Valentine's gift package worth € 150? Leave a comment below this blog post.

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