It is a fact that sustainable business is rewarded by consumers. Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable retailers and increasingly value products with a good & positive story. At Orderchamp we have many brands that offer sustainable products. Read more about sustainability and be inspired by unique brands in this blog!

Have you ever thought of selling sustainable products in your (web) stores? There are a ton of sustainable options available in different product categories on Orderchamp. You can use one or more in each product category values to turn on. So is one of these values Sustainable. We will then only show you the brands that have sustainable products in the range! This way you can add sustainable products in categories that are suitable for your type of (web) store! Below are some useful tips to achieve a major impact with small steps, so that you immediately stand out from the consumer. Finally, we give you our favorite sustainable products on Orderchamp!

It begins with the packaging.

It all begins with the packaging. Whether you have a webshop or a physical storefront, packing your products with sustainable materials should be a priority. If your packaging is not consistent with the sustainable goods that you are creating for your customers, then your products will become much less credible. Opt for recycled envelopes, use as little plastic as possible (this will also help lower costs) and if you send boxes, make sure you are using sustainable cardboard.

Make sustainability tangible.

If you want your company to embody ‘sustainability’, it is important for the customer to notice this immediately. Scan through all of your communication, making sure that you are using ECO logos and that your website has a section that speaks about your sustainable processes. If you have a physical store, ensure that sustainability is reflected throughout the shop. This starts with the design of your store, the artwork or photography that you use, and how you present your products. You want everything to be fluid. To complete the experience, you could even add a card to each order (using sustainable material, of course!) in which you thank your customer for consciously choosing to purchase sustainably by shopping at your store.

How to get back in the game.

That you have to be distinctive is a given. In any case, sustainability is a powerful weapon to distinguish you as a retailer from the masses.

Consumers are now willing to pay more for sustainable products, and they are consciously choosing sustainable stores when it comes to their shopping. If you have your story aligned and can provide customers with the experience they expect from a sustainable store, then you’ll have a leg up on the larger businesses who rely on selling products made of cheaper, and less sustainable materials. 

Durable products.

Your sustainability efforts should translate directly into the products you sell. Fortunately, sustainable wholesalers now have products available for you to choose from. In fact, there are many brands popping up in the Netherlands who sell predominantly sustainable goods. Consumers appreciate these efforts and, as a result, they become more inclined to opt for sustainable products made in their own country than cheap products coming from China, made from ambiguous materials.

Sustainable favorites on Orderchamp

Home store and interested in sustainable products? At Orderchamp these are easy to find in the category Home & Living. With subcategories such as Lighting, Home decoration and Cushions & Plaids you will find everything for a sustainable home. Discover the different sustainable products in several product categories Naco Design, which makes extensive use of crocheted wool and woven cotton. They make their rugs, baskets and other products with traditional techniques using recycled and residual materials from the fashion industry.

Within the Fashion accessories You will discover categories on Orderchamp in subcategories, including sustainable ones Purses, Sunglasses and Watches and Other Accessories. Our last subcategory is our favorite Foxtail, a sustainable solution for iPhone users to store their cable and adapter neatly, original and stylish. With a sleek Danish design and good quality leather. To make it completely sustainable, you will also discover the durable iPhone phone cases Fashionthings.

Take in the Kids & Baby category filtered on the value "Sustainable" take a look at the subcategory Children's toys & Games. For example, it has established in Amsterdam Woodlane an aesthetically and socially responsible toy and home accessory collection. They use different materials in a creative and sustainable way. For example, the products are made of bamboo, up-cycled billboards, felt made from old clothing, fabric from old hot air balloons and organic cotton.

Discover more sustainable products and categories? Take a look at Orderchamp and filter on the value Sustainable! Find the right products for your (web) store.

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