Retailers are constantly confronted with the decision of which products to purchase for their store or webstore. Should you purchase abroad, taking into account all of the advantages and disadvantages? Or should you purchase products locally? In this article, you’ll find 5 tips that you can use to make your decision easier.

1: Products with a story sell better

As a retailer it is important to distinguish yourself. You do not do this with a standard product range. Whatever branch you work in; unique products with a story usually sell better and keep people coming back to your store.

For this reason, Orderchamp is very selective with the products and brands that you don't see everywhere. This gives you as a retailer the opportunity to better distinguish yourself from the crowd.

2: Selling products under your own name

Having their own products produced may be a challenge for some retailers. Fortunately, there are also suppliers where you can buy ready-made products, but you can sell with your own branding. This ensures that you radiate authenticity and can just ensure that people really keep coming back for “your” product.

3: Agreements about delivery, price and quantity

Depending on the supplier or brand, they may be flexible, and willing to cater to your wishes. Do you only want to buy a small amount of inventory? Do you want certain return options if your inventory does not sell, or do you want to make arrangements for drop shipping? Contact the supplier and see what can they can arrange to fit your needs. This means that not only will you save on the wholesale price, but you can also build a relationship with the supplier where you can benefit from future flexibility and possibilities when purchasing inventory.

Orderchamp makes it easy to find unique brands & reliable suppliers. With the built-in chat function, you can always contact us and get quick answers on the spot. As a retailer, you get free access to the platform and you can purchase directly from quality brands.

4: Make sure the supplier does not compete with its own retailers

Unfortunately, it is becoming common to see brands & suppliers selling directly to consumers, just below the retail price. What they will usually do is register as a sub-brand on or Amazon and sell their own assortment directly to consumers. This kind of competition is unfair because it looks like you, as a webstore, are selling overpriced product by heightenting prices, which will ultimately cause you to sell less.

For this reason, you should always perform adequate market research prior to purchasing products from suppliers or brands, making sure that the retail price has been set fairly. If it looks like this is not the case, you should contact the supplier to see what they are able to do to make it worth your while.

5: Buy easily online!

Visiting trade shows and cash & carry centers is fun, but takes time. In addition, you will often find few product categories at a trade fair and, as a concept store, for example, you have to search several. That is why we started Orderchamp. We use advanced algorithms to connect you with the right brands and products so that you can serve your customers well. In addition, you can easily shop in all kinds of categories at the same time, with one checkout.

Shopping at Orderchamp is therefore easy and safe. For example, the supplier will only be paid when you have received the order. In addition, Orderchamp has advantageous conditions, with competitive wholesale prices for all brands. These ensure that you can offer great prices to your customers with the best margins for your company. Or do you want to receive a sample before placing an order? This is also possible. You can contact suppliers directly through our internal messaging center to ask questions or negotiate! Discover more benefits on the purchasing page for retailers at Orderchamp.

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