More conversion. That is what every retailer wants to achieve with a webshop. You can have all kinds of complex analyzes performed for this. We at Orderchamp prefer to give you a number of quick wins that you can implement, so that the conversion is almost guaranteed to increase. You can achieve this in just a few hours, without needing a lot of technical knowledge. In this blog we give you useful 8 tips!

1: Speed optimization

Nobody has the patience the deal with slow webshops. On its own, simply enhancing the speed of your webshop can increase your conversion immensely. If you use a Woocommerce webshop, it is possible to increase the speed tremendously with just a few plugins. A quick rule of thumb: the faster your webshop is, the better it will convert. With a good caching plugin, image optimization and fast web hosting, you can increase the speed of your webstore, which will ultimately benefit the user experience.

2: Show retailers that they can buy your products on Orderchamp

Install a button on your website that points to your storefront on Orderchamp. This way potential retailers immediately see that they can buy your products here.

3: Shopping cart optimization

Many webshop visitors will eventually drop out once they reach the shopping cart screen, precise 60% of visitors on average. With a few simple adjustments, you can easily increase the clickthrough rate and final conversion. On the product page for your mobile website, as an example, you should only display relevant information and ensure that the "checkout" button stands out for the consumer. If visitors are required to scroll a lot on their smartphone, they are more likely to drop out. Having a visual trigger that displays the products in their shopping cart is very important, regardless of which device they are using.

There are some other little ways that you can prevent customers from dropping out. The customer will often use the shopping cart to get a quick overview of their products. If they have to go to a separate page to do so, there is a higher risk that they will drop out. People often want to take a quick look at what they have in their cart and continue shopping. If you make this difficult, you’ll lose the customer. You may want to consider incorporating the shopping cart into a sidebar or a popup that the customer can click away, ensuring that fewer visitors drop out.

The ultimate goal is to get the customer from the shopping cart to the checkout page, so it is essential to put an emphasis on the button that brings them to the checkout page. This button must stand out and be easily accessible, no matter where they are on the site, and no matter what device they are using.

4: Optimize the checkout page

After the customer reviews their shopping cart, they will arrive at the checkout page. It is crucial that the checkout process is optimized as much as possible. You can do this quite easily by providing the customer with an overview. Incorporating as few steps as possible to make the the actual payment will go a long way for the customer experience. The entry fields and payment fields should be combined. It’s unnecessary to keep these two parts separate, as it will only cause potential customers to drop off due to the extra steps they must take.

For the customer, it is also important that they are required to provide as little information as possible in order to make a successful purchase. An automated address addition based on a postcode and house number is a great way to speed up the process. Whatever you decide upon, just ensure unnecessary information is not requested.

Furthermore, it is important that the form-input fields are up to date from a technical point of view, ensuring that the user experience is seamless. If there is a technical glitch, the customer will end up with a zoomed in view of the entire page on his/her smartphone, making the checkout process very inconvenient.

Lastly, make sure that the customer is not distracted by all types of information and buttons that are not relevant to completing the order. Only critical information should appear so that the payment process is as efficient as possible.

5: Make sure that your dropouts return

If a visitor drops out at either the shopping cart or the checkout stage, make sure that you’re able to approach them shortly afterwards in order to have them complete their order. Conversions can increase by up to 15% if you set up an effective 'abandoned cart flow'. You can set up an abandoned-cart flow in your webshop using a few easy plug-ins (requiring minimal technical knowledge). If you’re more technically advanced, making this an integral part of your campaign flows would be advisable.

6: Appearance of your webshop

A webshop’s appearance is by far the most important factor involved in increasing conversion. Good colour schemes, modern fonts, and high-quality photography are all big contributors. Appearance is not something that can quickly be changed, however, small steps in the right direction will already make a big impact. 

7: Social proof

Nowadays, with social media and customer reviews beginning to take over, it is extremely important that your webshop has social relevance. More and more, people are searching for reviews from customers who have already made purchases from specific companies before they make a purchase themselves. In fact, in this day and age, it would be strange if you weren’t active on social media, as this may seem as if you are not open to feedback. By integrating your website with your social media channels, you can highlight positive reviews and direct attention to customer testimonials. All of this will help gain trust from your customers, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

8: Watch our webinar

At Orderchamp we do everything we can to advise our retailers & brands as well as possible. In addition to writing these kinds of educational blogs, we have also given various webinars. You can easily review this via this page. We also gave a webinar with the subject: "How do you make your webshop successful?". The topics discussed above will be discussed. Watch the webinar at your leisure and learn how to make your webshop successful!

Webinar Orderchamp: "How do you make your webshop successful?"

If you have any questions after reading the above tips, please do not hesitate to send them by email to [email protected] or by calling us on +31 (0) 20 308 08 08.

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