Our social developments and changes contribute to continuously changing consumer behavior. This can sometimes go very quickly, causing major changes even within a generation. As a retailer, it is important to stay informed of the relevant trends and to respond to them in a timely manner.

It can be a major challenge for (web) stores to respond flexibly to the ever-changing consumer trends in a very short time. In this blog we give you the update of the properties of contemporary consumer behavior and how to respond smartly.

Consumer behavior

1: Service

The new consumer has become very spoiled for customer service and therefore expects you to answer a question or request almost immediately. Correct order processing is more important than ever. The consumer expects that products are always in stock, can be delivered at lightning speed and that they can exchange or return them free of charge. Postpay is also increasingly common, with services like Klarna and Afterpay.. First try to see what is feasible for your (web) store. And be transparent about what the consumer can expect from you. However, try to respond to these needs as best you can as this can provide a competitive advantage.

2: The modern consumer expects an omnichannel experience.

Have you thought of opening a webshop in addition to a physical store so that your customers can shop with you 24/7? And do you also manage social media channels to inspire your customers? First make sure this is stated. It is important that everything is integrated as well as possible and that the customer can be easily helped, regardless of the platform on which they operate. This means that all their offline questions must also be able to be processed in the online environment. The opposite also applies, of course. The correct connection of all data streams is the key here!

3: The modern consumer is sensitive to look & feel.

Even with good customer service and competitive prices, you can still lose. The imaging is more important than ever, both offline and online. Respond to the latest trends and styles and apply this to everything you do. From communication style to photography, everything has to be right, on every channel you use to sell. Here comes another piece of omnichannel; ensure that the look & feel of your webshop, brochures, e-mails and social media channels are the same. Only in this way will the consumer remember your brand or store.

4: The modern consumer makes you work for their loyalty.

Today it is extremely easy for the consumer to go to your competitor. Customers look up the price and delivery time with their smartphones or tablets and if they then find a better offer from the competitor, they will immediately go here. It's that simple.

It is a fact that you cannot always compete on price. That you must fully optimize the preconditions of your proposition and customer experience is really a must. Does a customer feel good in your store? Is the environment stimulating and inspiring enough and is there a good reason to buy from you because of, for example, your unique story? Then you can still win the customer for you. However, this takes effort and you have to think this out carefully. This effort will be rewarded afterwards!

5: Offer multiple product categories

Consumers find it ideal to be able to buy multiple products in different categories in one (web) store. This is also reflected in the concept stores trend, these stores not only sell a product but a complete lifestyle. This by offering an extensive and often unique range, a logical combination of products. The main driver is that consumers do not so much want to buy a product, but an experience, an experience or an emotion. Be enterprising and think how it can be done differently!

Orderchamp as a digital B2B marketplace

Orderchamp tries to make the platform as favorable and simple as possible for retailers. Because they are, as it were, the B2B consumers of our brands. As a retailer, you can add multiple products from different brands to your shopping cart on the platform. Browse through the different categories and take advantage of one check-out! In addition, Orderchamp only allows brands on the platform with an inspiring story and unique products that your customers will love! That is what distinguishes Orderchamp as a digital marketplace. Knowing more? View all the advantages of purchasing on Orderchamp via this link.

How will you know when your business needs an update?

It is important to remain up-to-date with the latest trends in lifestyle, fashion and technology. You must take the full picture into account when responding to new developments in the market, and this need to be done in a timely manner. Staying one step ahead of the customer and remaining flexible will become increasingly important as you grow your business.

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