Within realm of marketing, there are often comparisons made between B2C and B2B. We see this all the time, especially in e-commerce. Regardless of which segment your customer falls under, either B2B or B2C, it is important to remember that they are all human and will therefore respond in very similar ways. The same principles that apply to B2C commerce are also relevant in B2B commerce. Why then, does B2B e-commerce tend to lag behind?

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Many companies claim to focus specifically on Business to Business Marketing, or B2B. However, this approach is often outdated and is no longer valid. For example, anyone who says that your B2B customers cannot be reached via Social Media (because they are mainly active in business) has understood little of it. Because whether you do B2C or B2B business, it does not matter much. Business and private often mix and someone who is commercially active in retail looks just as well on Facebook & Instagram to be inspired with brands as ordinary consumers do. The only difference is that the retailer buys his or her favorite brands and then resells them to the consumer. Hoping they will love it just as much.

The fact that B2B and B2C are almost the same does not only apply to reaching your target group. It applies to everything within the e-commerce experience. Why not a modern webshop with beautiful visuals and a good user experience? And why offer less good customer service than within B2C? With B2C you don't even have a choice anymore. If you do not have your affairs in order there, the customer simply goes to the competitor and they ignore you. There is also an important reason why B2B often goes wrong: not many wholesalers have their affairs in order. The customer is not used to much and does not have much choice. However, this is now changing rapidly.

B2B e-commerce is finally getting the serious attention it deserves

It seems as if the B2B sector is finally getting the attention it deserves. We are seeing more and more companies whose goal is to help wholesalers with their online strategy. New and improved webshop designs, centralized systems and perfected customer strategies are on the rise. Unfortunately, many of these consultancy companies push outdated and complex software onto their customers (such as many B2B Magento webshops), which ultimately results in a failed attempt at helping the entrepreneur grow their business further.

When is comes to webshops, we are seeing a bit of a flashback to days where B2C e-commerce was on the rise. Expensive and complex systems were sold to entrepreneurs hoping to enhance their business, only to end up disappointed with what turned out to be a houx. We can observe the same situation happening amongst wholesalers in the B2B space nowadays. Thankfully, within the B2C sector, the market has stabilized and these types of systems are no longer around. Entrepreneurs are now turning to online marketplaces instead.

The advantages of Orderchamp as a B2B e-commerce platform

With Orderchamp we have made the choice to push B2B in the right direction. With all knowledge and trends from B2C, we have developed a modern B2B online platform where retailers and brands can easily trade with (online) retailers. A B2B wholesaler, but online. There are several advantages that Orderchamp offers as a B2B e-commerce platform. Read below how we make buying and selling as easy and pleasant as possible for Orderchamp users. Because these are, as it were, our consumers.

As retailer or purchaser at Orderchamp you will benefit from an offline experience with online convenience. We do this by guaranteeing safe delivery and handling. In addition, purchasing is easy with one check-out for multiple brands and products. Our affiliate brands offer competitive wholesale prices, ensuring the best margins for your business and great prices for your customers. We also offer the lowest minimum order amounts in the market! In addition, we link you to the right unique products and inspiring brands that are suitable for your type of (web) store! We do this by using smart algorithms on the platform. You can read more about the benefits of purchasing on Orderchamp here.

As brand or seller on Orderchamp you enjoy an extra exclusive sales channel at your fingertips. We have over 7500 verified retailers on our platform, spread across Europe. In addition, we use advanced algorithms to ensure that you stand out from the right retailers. For example, do you want to choose with whom you do business? That is also possible. We initially verify every retailer on the platform. The system therefore offers a personal approval process and a handy messaging system with which you can chat and negotiate with your potential new customer (s). In no time you become part of an enthusiastic community that strives for inspiring brands with unique products. You can read more about the benefits of selling on Orderchamp here.

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