A few years ago we saw a trend emerging; every brand or supplier wanted a webshop for its B2B part. However, this is not a simple adjustment to the sometimes existing web store. A complete B2B webshop that is equipped with all comforts, meets all the rules and is well optimized, costs a lot of time and money. When your B2B Webshop finally stands, you immediately face a huge challenge: the findability of your B2B webshop and attracting new customers. 

After investing a lot of time and money in your own B2B webshop, sooner or later you will encounter limitations. For example, do you want to set advanced rules per retailer? Usually this is not possible. Or at least not as you would really like to use it as a supplier. In order to meet all your specific wishes, you end up with expensive programmers, so that the costs will increase considerably.

As mentioned earlier, aside from all the technical difficulties you’ll face, the bigger issue will likely be the findability of your B2B webshop. Once you’ve managed to set up a functioning B2B webshop, you can certainly share it with your own customers. The ultimate goal, however, is to attract new customers, especially when you make such a large investment in your business. This will prove to be more difficult and expensive than you might think.

There is a lot of competition and if you do not advertise well enough and implement SEO you waste a lot of money and even attract consumers instead of your target group, namely; the retailer. Setting up a well-functioning marketing campaign requires a lot of (technical) knowledge, expensive tools and a large budget. As a result, it is not feasible for many entrepreneurs to launch a successful B2B web store in which they not only serve existing customers, but also manage to attract new customers.

The conclusion is hard but true: your own B2B web store will not quickly become an easily findable place where you can attract new customers. In any case, not without putting a disproportionate amount of time and money into your webshop.

At Orderchamp we want to solve this problem completely. No longer do you get your own dark corner on the internet which will hardly be found. You become part of a large network with various suppliers, brands and retailers. Thanks to our smart algorithms and targeted marketing campaigns, your products come under the eyes of many potential customers (retailers). So you no longer have to worry about an expensive marketing strategy! You also get full control over your own storefront and who you want to admit or not. In any case, we have thought of everything: discounts for specific retailers up to and including a clear and easy billing system. Exactly what you need as an entrepreneur. Find out on our brand page the benefits of selling Orderchamp!

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