Nowadays you can no longer walk into a boutique or catering establishment without it having an authentic retro-vintage vibe. From hip coffee shops to concept stores with home & living: old is the new modern! Many smart entrepreneurs respond to this. Not only do you sell more, you also create more exposure. When people see your store or restaurant as a kind of “Instagram-worthy” experience, they provide free exposure on social media.

In any case, this trend does not seem to be diminishing yet. This means that we must carefully analyze where the trend originates.

Why is this trend so popular among the Millennials?

What we see is that especially among the Millennials there is a huge need for retro vintage. The Millennial in particular has not experienced that conscious time at all. So they should not have nostalgic associations with these styles. Why is it still so popular among this generation?

The 60s / 70s are always considered iconic and creative in today's pop culture. Great new music styles and "immortal" musicians turned out to be during that period. Musicians that are rediscovered over and over by millennials. This may make them even more longing for a time they have never known.

TV series and movies are now playing into the fascination with the 60s/70s vintage era as well. From Netflix series to big-time Hollywood movies, we are finding more and more modern entertainment taking place during this iconic period. A sense of authenticity is derived from the retro/vintage style, creating a desire for a period in time that millennials might be unconsciously longing for. This was a time when neither the internet nor social media existed; a time when real human contact was the only means of communication. With the craziness of today’s world, it is wonderful to get lost in a time where everything seemed so simple, and since millennials never actually lived through it, they can glorify this era even more.

It therefore seems a fact that this trend will not disappear quickly. In the current time, the feeling is only further enhanced by all the hectic. In addition, it is continuously confirmed in pop culture. Not surprising that smart entrepreneurs continue to respond to this. It is not for nothing that you see the style in almost all segments. From restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops to home & living. Something that the big giants have a hard time responding to and don't know how to convey. Think of the Blokker and the HEMA where you currently see that they are just able to keep their heads above water

Retro-vintage products at Orderchamp

Looking for inspiration for retro-vintage products in your store? Take a look at our platform! You can find retro-vintage products on Orderchamp in different product categories, such as at Home & Living and Fashion accessories and Jewelry. Or fill in our search engine Retro and Vintage and view the suggestions. Below we have already made a selection of unique products and brands in retro-vintage style for you.

You can find nice retro-vintage gifts for men and women in the category Fashion accessories and Jewelry on Orderchamp. The retro socks can be a nice gift for men By Tintl! Leather is vintage and can be found in men's gift shops and concept stores in bracelets and leather wallets and other accessories. Take a look at this vintage office pouch and the other leather accessories from La Madallena. Or this vintage leather braided bracelet by the brand Bela Donaco.

For the women we choose the retro sunglasses range from Komett Studios. Also in the Bags Many vintage products can be found in the category. Take a look at Anna Treurniet and the colorful leather wallets. Over time, the wallets will have a natural vintage effect! Or take a look at the vintage jewelry collection by Beadz Jewelery. The jewelry collection is gold plated and partly made of vintage and other already popular pieces!

In addition to the above gifts, the platform also offers a lot Home & Living products in retro-vintage style. Like retro speakers, lamps, alarm clocks even fire extinguishers!

Take a look at the Woodspeaker, made from used wood, handcrafted and by hand, just like all other designs by Good woodwork. Thanks to the unique design, with a nod to vintage and retro. Another speaker from Wooden Amsterdam is the Acoustic Smartphone Amplifier in rose gold, which adds contemporary technology to a retro style. Not only is this fun to sell in your store, it also gives your store or concept store a cool appearance.

Now that most Millenials are using their iPhones as alarm clocks, a retro-look vintage alarm clock can be a fun gift. Retro style alarm clocks are still hip and a nice addition to the bedroom. You will find the ultimate retro alarm clocks on Orderchamp Greentime Woodwatch, in a pink and blue variant with bluetooth speaker.

You can create some retro lighting in your store with the pendant lamps by Popfurniture. An example is this Furny Classic hanging lamp in classic copper. A fusion of old and new: the Furny Classic is a matt black pendant lamp with a modern retro look. An extra hip detail with this Classic is the grille and the black and white iron cord.

Finally, take a look at the fire extinguishers Fire Art. These each have a unique, cool design complete in retro-vintage style!

Looking for certain values for retro-vintage products for your (web) store? On Orderchamp you can easily filter categories by values! Then our search engine only shows the brands and products that are appropriate. For example, you can choose Dutch Design, Natural and Handmade. Give it a try!

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