It is now clear that the B2B commerce world is facing a major challenge. In addition to all the problems related to digital ordering processes, there is an even bigger problem: findability of your brand or (web) store.

Where it is relatively easy to put together your potential target group in B2C commerce, B2B is slightly different. Of course you want to prevent normal consumers from coming to your ads. This means that you have to be specific when you put together the target group. If you don't adjust this properly, you will only get unwanted and ineffective traffic on your platform.

It is too complicated for most B2B entrepreneurs to integrate a good digital marketing strategy themselves. You quickly end up with expensive marketing specialists. Through an advanced retargeting campaign, they can try to gain as much exposure as possible on a very specific target group. These specialists are relatively expensive. And then it remains to be seen whether the campaigns really convert well, because the competition is not standing still either.

What we now see is that entrepreneurs are moving to different online platforms. Here they can at least distribute their products within relevant categories. These platforms often take a good percentage of the turnover, which is something they take for granted. Because as an independent B2B entrepreneur, it is almost impossible to compete from your own small B2B webshop.

At Orderchamp we want to offer the best of both worlds. First of all, the entrepreneur gets full control over his own storefront, but at the same time has all the advantages of a public Marketplace. We also want to go a step further and include all brands in our digital marketing resources, so that you as a supplier are constantly in the spotlight with relevant retailers. For example, we push our brands via theme mailings, inspiring blogs and social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. In this way, our brands benefit from enormous visibility both online and on social media channels. The advantage? This is free of charge! More benefits of shopping and to sell You can read Orderchamp on our website.

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