While we have seen tremendous progress in online business in the consumer world in recent years, it seems as if the B2B segment has missed this transition. In any case, online wholesale is lagging far behind. Of course we see that there is currently more and more online attempts by suppliers, but wholesale is not yet progressive and unambiguous. 

Currently, many retailers are working with wholesalers or suppliers whose systems and rules differ from one another. Often times, you’re forced to work with old-fashioned user interfaces that are complex and cumbersome. To top it off, different systems are often used for billing, ordering and communications. As a retailer, you stop seeing the forest through the trees. With all of these lengthy processes, it is no wonder that many shop owners need to block off Monday mornings to handle all of the administration!

Do you want to easily buy products for your store? Do you want to be able to find unique trendy products at all? Then you will struggle online (or not). You will then spend a lot of time at the fairs that you have to browse to discover new products and to make agreements with suppliers. This is not ideal for anyone. Strange thing that this problem is not yet addressed by the wide range of digital options available.

It is high time for a modern purchasing platform such as Orderchamp that makes life a lot easier for brands and retailers. We facilitate contact between the supplier and retailer via our platform. Suppliers can present their full catalog and are much better found by retailers because they are part of a public Wholesale Marketplace. In addition, everything related to the ordering process is online, everything is transparent and you can make mutual agreements (special prices, volumes and discounts, etc.).

View all hithere the possibilities of Orderchamp for Brands and here the benefits for retailers. Start buying or selling products quickly and easily!

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